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10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to show people our love and gratitude for them! This holiday is perfect for a day of laughter and hugs. We’ve put together a simple and thoughtful list of gifts that kids will love for this special day, so here are 10 of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for kids!

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Pop Valentine’s Day Cards


This Valentine’s Day card is fun with an exciting surprise inside. You can personalize the card with a name, and inside the card is a heart-shaped keychain. They’re fun to play with and great for keeping restless hands busy. You can put keychains on backpacks, keys, and more to personalize anything!

Hugs and Kisses Personalized Snack Bucket


This mini snack bucket is perfect for the sweetest Valentine’s Day candies and gifts! Barrels come in a variety of different colors, including red, turquoise, silver, and more. You can even choose a red or pink personalized sticker with any two-line emotion and a name of your choice. This bucket is cute, memorable and reusable!

Happy Valentine’s Day Personalized Coloring Book and Crayon Set


This 24-page picture book is a fun and easy gift for kids. It comes with a pack of 24 different colored crayons, pages full of fun games, and illustrations to suit your child’s imagination. The book has fun little descriptions at the bottom of some pages that you can personalize by naming characters after your kids! The name will even be affixed to the cover to complete this personalized gift.

Hearts Personalized Toddler 10 oz.sippy cup


There are hearts around this sippy cup and you can personalize the front with any name. It comes in pink and blue and holds 10 ounces of your child’s favorite beverage. It has a splash cap, but it’s easy to unscrew when needed. The design is waterproof, and the cups are made of durable plastic, just in case.

Squishmallow Kellytoy Plush Toy


Squishmallows is a rave for kids of any age! These plush toys are super soft and have a marshmallow-like texture, perfect for cuddling. It’s easy to wash and dry, making it the perfect play pet. Squimallows have their own name and cute backstory that sparks the imagination. These plush toys are 12 inches of fun and will bring a smile to any child!

bucket full of love


There are so many goodies in this personalized Valentine’s Day gift basket! It comes with a colorful Valentine’s Day basket of your choice with a personalised name on one side and a lovely loving saying on the other. There is a chocolate-flavored stuffed bear in the basket, and you can choose from a pink, white, tan or brown bear. The barrel also comes with a four-inch dialogue heart, and the plush toy has a phrase of your choice engraved on the side. To complete the range of surprises, it also comes with heart-blind sunglasses, Bubble Fun Bubbles in a variety of colors, and mini Valentine’s Squishies.

LEGO Chain Reaction Kit


This gift is perfect for letting your child use their hands and imagination. The kit features eight different designs to create super fun chain reactions that get more difficult as you read the instructions. The recommended age for this toy is for any child over the age of 8. It’s a great gift that you can also get involved and help your kids while you both have fun watching how these crazy chain reactions end!

My Valentine’s Day Personalized Teddy Bear


This classic Valentine’s Day gift is a stuffed teddy bear that makes the perfect cuddling partner. It’s super soft with a tan coat that’s easy to clean. You can even personalize your teddy bear by choosing a name surrounded by hearts for the bear’s t-shirt. This gift is perfect for kids of any age!

Personalized M&MS Heart Candy Box


There are so many surprises in this delicious Valentine’s Day gift! You can personalize your M&M by choosing from over 20 colors, personal photos, heartfelt messages, or Valentine’s Day-themed clip art. It comes with two acrylic heart shaped boxes, the small box is placed inside the large box. Each box is filled with these personalized M&Ms, the perfect way to express your gratitude!

Lothar loves sweet puppy chocolate


This gift is a super cute 2-in-1 surprise! It has a white puppy with pink and red hearts covered in fur, and a pink heart-shaped nose. It’s super soft and cute and full of Valentine’s Day vibes. The puppy also comes with a pink heart-shaped box filled with Belgian chocolate truffles, which hide a variety of goodies like caramel, sea salt, and more. The chocolate even comes with a pretty pink bow, ready to give away!

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