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10 Friday morning reading-big picture

The first week of my new year ends, the first NFP in 2022, in the morning train WFH wrote:

Confronting willpower: Willpower is a dangerous old concept that needs to be discardedAs a practicing addiction psychiatrist and assistant professor of clinical psychiatry, I am increasingly suspicious of the concept of willpower and worried about the self-help obsession surrounding it. Countless books and blogs provide methods to “enhance self-control” and even “enhance willpower through meditation”, but what is not widely recognized is that new research shows that some of the ideas behind this information are inaccurate. (Nautilus)

The auto manufacturing giant is planning to overthrow Elon Musk Volkswagen and Toyota are vying for Tesla, investing $170 billion to maintain their leading position. (Bloomberg) You can also take a look Ford vs Ferrari Tesla What is the Tesla story today? This is more challenging than the 2010s: their success has attracted competitors from all over the world, from well-funded start-ups to world-class traditional car manufacturers. Their future product lines, especially network trucks…let’s call them work in progress (Big picture)

The tenacious pursuit of finding the best rice in the world: Among hundreds of Japanese brands and varieties, blind tasting by a group of “sommeliers” is required to determine the varieties with the highest yields. (taste)

Podcasts let the software choose their ads-it has gone wrong Ads appearing where they shouldn’t appear (edge)

This is your most important decision: Why your career is your greatest opportunity to play a role, and how to best use it (80,000 hours)

Buildings don’t have to be bird killers The glass-clad tower is still a death trap for birds. But the designer knows how to prevent the collapse. (City laboratory) You can also take a look Manhattan luxury home sales soar in 2021 Last year, wealthy New Yorkers were full of confidence in the recovery of New York City (Wall Street Journal)

100 ways to slightly improve your life without actually trying Whether it’s bringing fruit to work (and to the bedroom!), being polite to rude strangers or starting naked swimming, here are a century of ways to make life better without any effort…(protector)

Omicron LeBrons wants to stay in the NBA When the league was ravaged by the new crown virus, they signed a 10-day contract. Now, some temporary workers in the NBA still exist. The latest variant is their lucky breakthrough. (Wall Street Journal)

Capture the insurgents Everyone thought the selfie crime was cool until the FBI got all their data from Google and said hello. (Recode)

Weaving “Charlotte’s Web” In his new book “The Story of Charlotte Network”, author Michael Sims traces the life of EB White. From White’s childhood in the suburbs of New York and rural Maine to his adult years as a New Yorker writer, Sims showed how White’s experience in nature shaped his classic novels. (NPR)

Be sure to check our Master of Business interview This weekend, meet with Ray Dalio, the founder, co-chairman and co-chief investment officer of Bridgewater Fund, the world’s largest hedge fund. Dalio’s latest book, Principles for dealing with the ever-changing world order: the reasons for national success and failure.

Wages are rising because they have to

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