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13 incredible Christmas cocktails | Julie Brana

If you want, you can walk in and enjoy a festive cocktail. In fact, you are very welcome to try any or all of these 13 Christmas cocktail recipes this holiday season!

Select only one item, or Try both! Any of these Christmas cocktail recipes will definitely make your holiday this year warmer-make sure to fix and save this holiday review for your holiday.

Originally published on November 10, 2020, and updated with new links and ideas on November 5, 2021.

These must-try Christmas cocktails will take you through the holidays Effortlessly!They are perfect to sip Gift wrap, Or while you are baking Christmas cookiesThey are also a great match with your favorite traditional Christmas appetizers.

bonus!They will help you pass the party smoothly, even the most challenging relatives. You know those!

If you also like seasonal and very special cocktails, please don’t skip these amazing cocktails Thanksgiving cocktails! I have been a cocktail lover for many years…Although I like a simple glass of wine, I will always like to drink a perfectly blended drink.

Three transparent glasses filled with mint Christmas cocktail on the marble surface.

Christmas cocktail service suggestions

In this holiday season, it is easy to create something that feels very special for your friends and family! There is something for everyone.

In fact, you can find my complete (free!) Tequila Guide Provide you with all the details you need for cocktail expertise at any time of the year.

If you are looking for holiday glassware, here are some of my favorite cocktail selections!

A transparent tall glass filled with white Christmas cocktails, with sugared rims on top, hazelnuts and green plants next to it.

Christmas cocktail

Put on your Christmas music, preheat the oven for cookies, and make yourself a cocktail, friends!

Quick tip: If you want to double or triple any of these recipes, just use the 1x2x3x tab on the printable recipe card in each post. It will calculate the ingredients for you-no math required!

Spicy hot chocolate with mint gin

This rich and creamy mint hot chocolate recipe is delightful all winter long-who doesn’t like a cup of steaming hot chocolate with earrings? The coldness of mint gin is my favorite addition to the winter cocktail series.

A white cup filled with thorny hot chocolate Christmas cocktail with roasted marshmallows on it.

The oatmeal cookie cocktail is a delicious drink that tastes just like its name.

Oatmeal cookies are my favorite because they are delicious and unique, and can be made with one or more recipes that I can easily adapt to.

A transparent glass filled with oatmeal cookie Christmas cocktail.

Happy mint with mint gin

Happy mint cocktails made with mint gin will warm your soul this holiday season! This fun and festive Christmas cocktail is the perfect combination of cream, mint and vodka!

A milky white cocktail in a clear glass with crushed mint.

Sangria Christmas Cocktail

This Spanish Sangria is the ultimate cocktail enjoyment, perfect for holidays. Sangria is perfect for parties, and it’s easy to make non-alcoholic sangria!

A transparent glass jar and three glasses filled with Christmas sangria.

Maitai (There is a Christmas twist!)

How to make a maitai—a traditional cocktail recipe that adds a touch of speciality to the holiday. This fruity dark rum cocktail is an improvement of the original flavor and is made with pineapple juice. This festive cocktail is simple and quick, made of only four ingredients.

Mai Tai and cranberry skewers are placed in a transparent glass vase.

Cinnamon Toast Cocktail

Cinnamon toast is the ultimate autumn cocktail that will warm you up even on the coldest nights. This is a perfect blend of cinnamon gin (a type of cinnamon liqueur) and cider, with apple slices and cinnamon sticks!

On the marble surface, there is a cinnamon Christmas cocktail in the middle, decorated with apples and cinnamon sticks.

Apple Pear Christmas Cocktail

This is one of my favorite holiday cocktails! It has a delicious fruity flavor, and it is stirred with cranberries and cinnamon sticks, making people feel festive!

2 glasses filled with cocktail cranberries and cinnamon sticks next to the pitcher

Pear Fruit Wine

Pear wine is the fragrant and sweet autumn companion of the classic cider forever. This (non-alcoholic) homemade pear cider recipe is aromatic, comfortable and full of delicious autumn flavors!

Add bourbon, rum and even vodka to create a delicious Christmas cocktail that everyone will love!

A cast iron pan filled with ingredients for the pear cider recipe

Snowball Almond Christmas Cocktail

When the temperature drops, I like to invite everyone to a snowball cocktail after a perfect dinner. The slightly bitter almond flavor combined with sweet ice cream is the perfect match for this snowball recipe.

Learn how to use some simple ingredients to make this almond liqueur dessert cocktail.

A transparent tall glass filled with white Christmas cocktails, topped with marshmallows and sugar rims.

Mulled wine

Comfortable, fragrant, delicious… this dessert wine formula is the perfect winter drink to resist the cold. This classic gluhwein recipe does not require a German ski resort, just invite your friends!

The gray enameled cast iron pan on the stove top contains mulled wine.

Mint Belarus

This Mint Belarusian recipe is a wonderful mint drink, suitable for the holidays. Coffee liqueur, vodka and spicy mint gin each have their own merits, making them a festive and delicious mint cocktail.

A transparent glass filled with mint Christmas cocktail on a marble surface.

Non-alcoholic sweet wine

A simple non-alcoholic mulled wine holiday recipe is pleasant for people of all ages. This non-alcoholic mulled wine recipe is a hot Christmas drink made with sweet grape juice, fruits and spices, warming you from the inside out.

Mulled wine with spices and oranges added to the cast iron on the stove

Winter Bourbon Smash

The Winter Smash cocktail is a spin of the classic whiskey smash recipe you make in the summer. Using bourbon and a little soda, this bourbon is full of fresh fruit and the cinnamon flavor that we enjoyed when it was cold outside.

Three Smash cocktails decorated with rosemary, blueberries, oranges and cinnamon sticks are all placed on a white plate.

Frequently asked questions

What is the most popular drink for Christmas?

Of course, it depends on who you ask! Most Americans may rank eggnog as the most iconic Christmas drink. However, hot chocolate is the most popular hot drink in winter here-with or without alcohol!

What is a good wine for cold weather?

cider!Try homemade cider or Pear Fruit Wine A drink that will warm you thoroughly. You can add them with a variety of alcohol options so you can provide something for each palette.

No matter how entertaining you are during this holiday, I hope you can find some inspiration and happiness in this year’s celebration! Cheers to a warm and comfortable Christmas!

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