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2 ways to share someone’s Twitter video without retweeting-using gadgets

become a Twitter Users, you must have seen two different ways that people repost (repost), that is, videos uploaded by other people on Twitter. Yes, if you haven’t watched them yet, Twitter allows you to repost videos originally uploaded by others in two different ways. One is the traditional way, just press the forward button and add your own text, like this.

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The second way to share videos looks clearer, because the original uploader is honored and it also captures less screen space. Today I will share how you do this.

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2 ways to share someone’s video without reposting

There are two ways to share a video originally posted by someone on Twitter. Today I will share the steps of both methods.

Steps to share Twitter videos without retweeting

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Share the video without specifying the original poster

If you don’t want the original poster of the video to appear under your tweet, there is only one way to do it, which is to download and upload the video from your own account.

Some third-party websites that allow saving Twitter videos are:

So this is how you can share Twitter videos without reposting. These two methods are applicable to each platform, namely Twitter web, Twitter for Android, Twitter is iPhone. You can choose any method you prefer. If you ask me, I like the first method, which is to attribute credit to the original poster under the video. Which method do you prefer and why tell me in the comments below.

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