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2-year-old child missing: There is no lake in the lake, we are still looking for it-Chronicles

A child less than two years old was missing for a few hours (Campanara), In the city of Palazzuolo sul Senio (Florence), this is a mountain village in the middle of the Mugello forest. Firefighters and military police are conducting searches. According to the circumstances, the village where he disappeared can only be reached via a dirt road, where a small group of people lived, including the child’s family.

Fire brigade divers found no babies in the agricultural irrigation pond, and part of the search was carried out in the afternoon. The divers have already probed the seabed, “but-Palazzuolo sul Senio (Florence) Mayor Gian Piero Philip Moschetti explained-this operation is over and the child is not there”.

Molecular dogs engaged in research are “guided” by children’s clothes, which are given to canine research by their parents. Their sense of smell must distinguish between the smell of forests and pastures. Children and older brothers used to spend time observing agricultural activities near the house where they lived during the day.

According to the content of reconstruction, Parents will coax their children to sleep They couldn’t find him again last night. Currently, the most likely hypothesis is that the child, 21 months to be exact, has already left automatically. The area where the hut is located is isolated from the world, difficult to access, and surrounded by woods. After the parents filed an expulsion report, the county launched a missing person search program involving firefighters, military police, mountain rescue and civil defense volunteers. The territory is also equipped with fire brigade helicopters, drones and canine forces, as well as molecular and research dogs.

“The parents are very upset. Our entire community is looking for babies in the woods.” A resident of Campanara Eco Village told it by phone. As this lady explained, The child’s family does not belong to the community, it belongs to the eco-village and lives in the hut It is about 2 kilometers away from other houses.

An HH-139B helicopter of the Italian Air Force is also looking for children: it took off from Cervia military airport. This is-explained in the notes-the first real intervention in the search and rescue mission of the 15th Wing HH-139B of the Cervia Air Force. The new version of the military helicopter is equipped with a sophisticated thermal imager (thermal scanner), which is essential for the search and rescue of missing persons in particularly difficult-to-access environments or in low-light situations, such as in this special situation. The Tuscan National Mountain and Cave Rescue Team received a request for intervention at the Rescue Coordination Center of the Poggio Renatico Aerospace Operations Command. The team worked with other national agencies for several hours to find the newborn child . 21 months.

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