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3 tips for reusing website content for growth-focused marketing videos

There are two unavoidable truths about content marketing:

  1. You need to consistently produce new content to be successful.
  2. It is difficult to keep coming up with new content ideas.

Fortunately, you don’t have to come up with a new idea for every piece of content you make. Reusing existing content for growth-focused marketing videos can help you maintain consistent content production without having to spend hours racking your brains to find new ideas.

Worried that all this repurposing will produce redundant content?Don’t do that Video is superior to all other types of content, But some customers still prefer to read blog posts or peruse charts.

People will interact with your brand in the way that suits them best.

Creating repurposed marketing videos provides a simple and effective way to connect with (many, many) customers who like the video while attracting traffic, engagement, and conversion rates. These are the hallmarks of video marketing.

Reusing content for video is a victory.

How to reuse content for video

Here are three high-level strategies and best practices for repurposing your content. Please keep these tips in mind as you plan your videos.

1. Choose the right content to repurpose

One big mistake people make when reusing content is to assume that any content can be turned into a video. But this is not entirely correct.

Content such as company news reports, press releases, and content with rich views usually works better in the text. Even if you run a news organization, these types of content can hardly be turned into useful marketing videos.

However, teaching content and clips that rely heavily on visual effects (charts, graphics, etc.) can easily be reused in marketing videos. These types of content meet the most common viewer intent: Learn new things.

In most cases, content that works well in the form of video will be relatively easy to reuse for video. If you’re struggling to find a way to turn a piece of content into a compelling video, it’s probably because the content is not suitable for reuse in this way.

When this happens, please select a different type of content.

2. Use video to make your content more humane

One of the most valuable aspects of video is that it can make information more relevant.

People recognize and associate faces with human faces intuitively. In addition, reading complex topics can be daunting, especially if there is a lot of reading to do. For most people, it is much easier to hear others talk about a complex topic.

Unfortunately, there is no way for a person to explain something in a blog post. This is the purpose of the video.

A video of someone talking can explain almost anything. But it is particularly useful for reusing content such as white papers and case studies. Whenever possible, have someone appear on the screen and talk about the topic. It makes information more approachable, relevant and memorable.

3. Pay attention to video length

The information conversion rate for converting content into video is not always one-to-one.

Video is an ideal format to convey information, but viewers are more sensitive to the length of the video than readers are more sensitive to the length of the blog. It’s easy to browse an article and pick out the most important information. It’s much harder to skip through the video and find what you need.

If your video is too long, it will affect its performance, not the impact of being too long on the written work. Remember: you don’t have to put everything in a blog post into one video. It is wise to split long written content into multiple videos.

These short marketing videos will make it easier for the audience to consume and also allow you to produce more efficiently, because you will get multiple new videos from a piece of written content.

There is no hard and fast rule for the length of the marketing video. The ideal length depends on the content and where you post the video. In most cases, short videos perform better on social media.But you can escape Longer videos on YouTube.

Contributor Leah Diviney, Content Manager Bite, The easiest video production tool in the world. When Leah is not busy making videos, she writes videos for the Biteable blog.

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