3-year-old kangaroo kills owner in Australia in first deadly…

3-year-old kangaroo kills owner in Australia in first deadly…


An alpaca breeder was killed by a three-year-old kangaroo in Australia in what is believed to be the first deadly kangaroo attack since 1936.

What happened: Peter Eades was attacked by his pet kangaroo on his property in Redmond in the Great Southern region of Western Australia on Sunday, ABC News reported.

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According to police, he was found seriously injured by a family member at his country estate. The report added that police had to kill the kangaroo to make it safe for paramedics to treat Eades. However, their efforts to save him were unsuccessful. “The kangaroo posed a constant threat to emergency services,” the police said in a statement.

According to community members, Eades was an animal lover and had hand-reared the animal when it was a boy. He also founded the Agonis alpaca stud farm in 1997 and built up a 60-strong herd. He liked naming each animal and building a graveyard to bury them when they died. In 2017, Eades told the publication that after his death he would like to be buried next to Claudia, his favorite alpaca.

Why it matters: This was the first fatal attack by a kangaroo since the 1936 fall in New South Wales, when a man suffered serious head injuries, including a broken jaw, while trying to save his two dogs from a large kangaroo.

Recently also an elephant in southern Thailand tore his handler in half with his tusks after having to carry rubberwood in the scorching heat.

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