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4 Marvel movies, get a sneak peek

Ben Kingsley played Mandarin in Iron Man 3, or rather a man who played Mandarin.

It’s time to get to know the Ten Rings again.
Photo: Marvel Studio

Are you ready to go see Shangqi and the legend of the ten rings? are you sure?Obviously, everyone is excited to view Next Chapters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And, in most cases, Shang-Chi tell myself Independent origin story. However, you can revisit some MCU history in advance, which will definitely make you better watch movies.Most of them around Characters surrounding tHe and the terrorist organization called tHe has ten rings.So before you see Shang-Chi Sometime after September 3, if you want, you might want watch (Or watch again) These other Miracle project.

Ant man

Do you see the tattoo on your neck?

Do you see the tattoo on your neck?
picture: Marvel Studio

Fix you!I bet you thought I was going to say iron Man! Well, I am, but in a second. Ant man It has nothing to do with the Ten Rings, but some of the bad guys who wander around Pym Technologies in the movie have Ten Rings tattoos. Early signs of widespread presence in the organization.

Iron Man 3

Ben Kingsley plays

Ben Kingsley plays “Mandarin.
Photo: Marvel Studio

This is your main course Shang-Chi Prepare.There are some ten-ring visual effects in the original version iron Man The same goes for movies (mainly when Tony was captured at the beginning), but here Is where we meetHe Guowen, head of the delegation. Kind of. He was played by Ben Kingsley, but later in the film, it was revealed that he was just an actor. The Mandarin is not real. In fact, Guy Pierce’s character Aldrich Killian is the brain behind the feat of the fake Mandarin.Some of them played Part (although it is smaller) in Shang-Chi.

Long live the king

All Hail the King is now on Disney+.

Long live the king Now on Disney+.
Photo: Marvel Studio

New shelf Disney+ (um…umIt’s so convenient), this Marvel One Shot is a short film that was originally Thor: The Dark World Blu-ray. It tells the story after a jailed reporter interviewed Trevor Slattery. Trevor Slattery is the real name of the character played by Ben Kingsley.He speaks Mandarin. It turned out that the real Mandarin wanted to see him.In the seven years since its release, fans have been saying “Wait, is there real Mandarin?” Yes, there is, you may have a chance to Shang-Chi.

Marvel Studios Legend

finallyOn September 1, Disney+ will add a new episode of its show The legend of Marvel Pictures, This is basically just an official interpreter series. The point of the new episode, you guessed it, tHe has ten rings.

Ant-Man, Iron Man 3, Long Live the King with Marvel Studios Legend It’s all on Disney+. Shangchi and the Legend of Ten Rings Only in theaters in September 3.

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