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5 iconic Japanese cars that will no longer be sold in Europe

Japan has produced some of the most iconic performance cars in history, forming the backbone of generations of car enthusiasts at home and abroad.

Unfortunately, Europe’s strict emission laws and Buyers’ interest in SUVs This means that although many of these Japanese car dynasties still exist, we are no longer able to enjoy them. Here are five of the coolest reborn Japanese idols, alas, we won’t see them on the road in the UK.

Nissan Z

The Nissan Z is the first model on our list to be reborn in the 2022 model year because it has showrooms in most global markets, but not in the UK or Europe for several key reasons. Although it looks modern, the new Z is actually based on an old platform and paired with a powertrain that has not yet been certified in Europe. Considering the expected sales volume, it makes the new Z European-friendly work too expensive .

This is a blow to Z series fans, because this 395bhp coupe looks great, this model combines retro and modern elements from more than 50 years of history. Annoyingly, the production of right-hand drive is not a problem, and if it really goes on sale here, it will definitely cause some waves on the standard manual gearbox.Especially considering that as we approach The future of electric vehicles.

Subaru WRX

British buyers have a particularly close connection with the Subaru WRX, driven by direct connections with the iconic blue and gold rally cars driven by British and Scottish champions such as Richard Burns and Colin McRae. In addition to its success in motorsports, the Subaru Impreza WRX also formed its own culture for many British people, and this culture still exists today.

Unfortunately, there are actually not enough people who risk buying its modern derivatives to justify Subaru’s certification of the new generation of WRX and WRX STI for the UK. The new model will be the first WRX ever not sold in the UK. Although the new model is heavier and more luxurious than before, we have been told that its STI derivatives will receive a huge performance boost when it is released next year.

Lexus IS500 F Sport Edition

The Lexus IS may not have such a deep-rooted influence on the British public as the Subaru above, but this compact sports sedan has indeed achieved considerable success in competing with cars such as the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4. In this pursuit, Lexus demonstrated its brilliant IS-F in 2007. This car has a short lifespan and has not been replaced until now.

But the bad news is that Lexus has no plans to bring any version of the new IS sedan to the UK. However, while most hybrid engine models are nothing to be angry about, the stunning new IS500 F Sport is a real loss because it combines a more powerful IS-F V8 engine made by Yamaha with a super subtle version Pairing, it is a menacing body.

Toyota Tundra TRD Pro

We insisted on using Toyota here, but moved to the United States, and its brand new Tundra TRD Pro dominated the headlines with its sturdy appearance. Tundra is Toyota’s response to the American Ford F-150, competing with full-size trucks with huge bodies, loading bays and engines.

This brand new model is by far the most complicated model, and is equipped with a series of off-road hardware in this TRD Pro model, which not only works, but also looks great. Now, this type of truck may be considered too large for the UK, but unlike cars and coupes, which have steadily declined in popularity worldwide, trucks and SUVs are becoming more popular than ever before. The other side of the seesaw. This popularity indicates that Toyota has invested heavily in the development of the new Tundra. It is a pity that we will never be able to take advantage of it.

Acura Integra

The final return on this list is the latest Acura-Honda’s premium American subsidiary-which brought back the Integra nameplate after a 15-year suspension of production. Unlike the Integras we know in the UK, this car will have four doors on its sleek body. This may sound like the irony of Ford Puma’s transition from Coupe to SUV in recent years, but Integra has been offered as a stylish four-door and two-door internationally, making this reimagining more acceptable.

However, there are not too many retro details here. Instead, Acura (or Honda) decided to offer something completely new, using a sharp and stylish design on an excellent chassis shared with the current Honda Civic. Among all the cars on this list, this may be the car most likely to enter the UK and Europe. If they finally decide to provide Type R, if they do not provide it, it may cause a lot of losses.

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