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5 ways to get rid of targeted advertising on Android, iOS, search, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms-using gadgets

You must have seen an ad about what you discussed with your friends 😬 while browsing the web or browsing social media. No matter what any technology giant says, they will follow you in various ways to track your activities and push suggested advertisements.Now, we really can’t stop them from tracking us easily (unless you use some kind of anti-tracker, or through Turn off all sensors on the phone). But what we can do is to avoid these suggested ads and make the overall online experience a little better.

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5 ways to get rid of targeted advertising

Almost every online platform now has ads, and now we can even see ads in the native UI of smartphones, no matter which brand it is. apple, Google, Samsung, Millet, OnePlusWait. We can get rid of them to a certain extent through the following methods.

Turn off targeted advertising in Google services

Google’s main source of revenue is advertising, because it determines usage patterns and recommends advertisements to users based on our different services, such as YouTube, Google search, Gmail, and many more. ). We can’t really close these ads, but we can remove targeted ads based on our interests.

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Get rid of targeted ads in Android

Image: Satyendra Pal Singh (GadgetsToUse)

Even if you turn off ad tracking on Google services, Google can still track the usage patterns of your phone. This is done by applications installed on your phone, which send data about your usage patterns to the Google advertising ID assigned to your device. In return, you will get personalized ads in apps and games.You can check our detailed guide Reset the data of this advertising ID or customize personalized ads, In the application on our mobile phone, just one tap.

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Get rid of targeted ads on iOS

Like Google, Apple also maintains an advertising ID to help them track your app usage and place in-app ads on your iPhone. You can turn off these targeted ads on iPhone by following the steps below:

  • Go to Settings> Privacy> Apple Ads and turn off the toggle

    iPhone displays options in Apple ads, including options to view ad targeting information and personalized ads
    Picture: Apple

  • Go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services, and turn off the toggle

    iPhone displays options in location services, including location reminders and options for application-specific settings
    Picture: Apple

Turn off targeted advertising on Instagram and Facebook

Image: Ritik Singh (GadgetsToUse)

Instagram is a platform full of influence and business profile, and Instagram Try various methods to ensure that you buy something from the platform, whether it comes from a recommended story or a recommended post, with a sponsored tag.These can be really annoying. There is a way to turn off these suggested ads in a few simple steps. We have already introduced these steps to turn on targeted ads. Instagram with Facebook, You can view them.

Turn off targeted advertising on Twitter

Image: Satyendra Pal Singh (GadgetsToUse)

Another platform we see for brands or any agency that targets advertising is Twitter, Because we often encounter various promotional tweets. Sometimes these promoted tweets cover our entire timeline, and we can hardly find any natural tweets in the timeline.There are several ways to get rid of these, we have covered all of them in detail Ways to get rid of these targeted Twitter tweets (ads), You can check them to improve your Twitter experience.

By following all the above methods, you can get rid of most targeted advertisements when using your phone, whether it’s social media apps, any apps or games, or even services like Gmail or Youtube. This will make your mobile phone experience a bit better, because you can follow the conversation with your friends without worrying about seeing another ad.

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