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7 best back-to-school labels for children

7 kinds of back-to-school labels that are most suitable for children: suitable for backpacks, supplies, etc.

The school is back, and the children in New York City will attend classes in person in September this year. The good news is that students are likely to keep their belongings this year, but all parents know that they must label their children’s school necessities.

Regarding back-to-school labeling, there are two questions to consider: 1) What label should I apply? 2) How should I label? Let’s solve the “what” first. School supplies may be the first thing that comes to mind: notebooks, folders, pencil cases, and binders. Think of all situations where your child does not wear a jacket or mix the lunch bag with the schoolmate’s lunch bag when he comes home from school.Not even your child has lost something However Predict them to: sports equipment, shoes, water bottles, food containers, plush toys, backpacks, etc. Labels also have the function of letting others know your child’s information, such as allergies or health conditions.

Now let’s take a look at the “how”. Every parent is different, so in terms of labeling, each parent’s personality has a labeling mechanism. Are you a parent with a limited budget? Do you have two or more children? Are you addicted to mom’s hacking/dad’s hacking? We provide each parent with a marking method, with thoughts on marking content. Just as no parent is the same, no child is the same; every process involves customization, whether it’s designing labels online or simply ironing simple and sturdy labels.

There is an additional question: “why”. Why are labels so important? The answer is obvious-labeling can prevent your child from losing things-but there are many other uses for labels. First, they can prevent the spread of bacteria.Although your child may not Lost Their lunch bag or water bottle, they may mix it with other people’s things in the classroom. The tag lets everyone know whose item it is, so that others will not accidentally come into contact with it.Regardless of whether you keep your distance from society or not, will the children be close again, so please keep your child’s thing As many as possible in one place. Second, the label reassures parents because they know that all the children’s belongings are safe. Don’t worry about whether your child will bring home the new pencil case you bought for them! Another comfort for parents is that the label is a real money saver. Of course, you pay for the tags yourself, but these tags can prevent your child from losing more expensive items. Last but not least, labels are true confidence boosters for children. Seeing their names on their belongings will give the children a sense of ownership. To cope with the school day, they have all the school-related materials they need and are marked with their favorite color or icon. When children go home with everything they left in the morning and get praise from their parents, they will have more confidence in themselves and gain independence and responsibility.

In our back-to-school labeling guide, let’s learn more about the various labeling methods.

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Chic back to school label: casting

Minted provides stylish clothing and name tags for your back-to-school needs. As for the clothing label, peel off the label and stick it on the care label, not the actual fabric! Casting tags are perfect for labeling the coats and jackets that children take off when they go to school or the favorite stuffed animals they bring to the daycare. In addition to clothing labels, Minted also provides labels for notebooks, bottles, food containers, toys, sports equipment, lunch boxes, pencil boxes, etc. All Minted labels are dishwasher safe, waterproof, laundry safe and non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about label wear. Minted offers various designs. After choosing a design, you can personalize your label with colors and text. Minted tags average 67 cents each, and the minimum number of tags you can buy is 30 (30 for $20). For parents looking for durable and beautiful labels, Minted is a great place to shop. 20 to 160 dollars. minted.com.

Surrounding parents’ favorite school label: Mabel’s label

Mabel’s label A few years ago, when a group of mothers were frustrated with the missing items that their children seemed to “misplace” every year, they began a turning point.Knowing that they can do better than writing their names on masking tape, they started Mabel’s label. We personally use these labels and appreciate that they are durable and safe for use in laundry and dishwashing water. We have family heirlooms. We have passed the three children in the family to the fourth child, and these brands have become stronger and stronger after ten years! As parents, we appreciate their ease of ordering, free shipping on all orders, and first-class customer service. The combination label packaging is great value for money-lasts the entire school year, and then some-we especially like the preschool packaging for kids starting their first school year!If you have children with special needs, we will order These This year’s label. US$17 to US$42, mabelslabels.com. A special New York family discount of 10% for the entire site: NYF10 (One use per customer, excluding sales, masks, stamps and reflective products).

Best value back to school label: Stickerkid

Have you been looking for the most cost-effective deal-a deal that is absolutely value for money?If so, the school super pack comes from Sticker kid Is perfect. You get 32 ​​big labels, 14 shoe labels, 120 small brand names, 48 ​​clothes brand names for advertisements, a total of 214 labels! This ultimate bag includes tags for shoes, pencils, notebooks, pencil cases, scissors, folders, clothes, etc. Customize each label type with colors, text, and icons. The entire package sells for $49.95, which is a bargain for all these personalized labels. 16 to 40 dollars, Stickkid.com.

For parents who care about safety: Sticky Monkey

Children, especially preschoolers and kindergarten students, can’t always speak for themselves, they shouldn’t have! Although the school will definitely notice allergies and medical conditions, there is no harm in reminding again. Sticky Monkey Provide safety tags for allergies, medical alerts, car seat safety and emergency contact. Put allergy alerts on lunch boxes and bottles to let other children and teachers know about your child’s allergies in a cute and creative way. If your child has diabetes, autism, asthma, or is carrying an EpiPen, please put a label on their backpack, medical equipment or medication to make sure others know. Regardless of whether your child has allergies/illness, safety is always the top priority, which is why Sticky Monkey also provides car seat safety and emergency contact labels. If this is your first time sending your child to school, the safety label may also make you feel more comfortable, knowing that your child is safe in an emergency. 4 USD and above, Stickeymonkey.com.

Best for eclectic back-to-school label: Kidcal

When it happens, as a parent, you will know it. You lose control of school supplies and clothing aesthetics. You can hold your ground or choose your battle, because this is a small matter and you can make concessions in the plan of the matter. So why not label your children the labels they are happy to put on their items? Kidcar Labels are fun and come in a variety of eclectic designs, and we guarantee that you will find labels that your kids (and you!) will like. There are even computer keyboard stickers! $19 and above, kidecals.com.

For parents on a budget: Avery durable labels

There are 45 different shapes and sizes of labels to choose from without ironing, for only $8.32.avery.com. They are very suitable for T-shirts, baby and children’s clothing, hats, coats, backpacks, sweatshirts, etc. Just write on the label with a permanent marker, peel it off and stick it directly onto the fabric.

Avery Children’s Durable Label

Another affordable label option offered by Avery is Avery Children’s Durable Label gear Provides another perfect solution for easy labeling. These labels are suitable for dishwashers and microwave ovens, and are very suitable for labeling lunch box items, straw cups, water bottles, thermos bottles, etc. Peel off the label and stick it on your child’s school equipment.Now, this is the interesting part: if you real Time is running out, your children are in elementary school or above, why not let them make their own labels? Put a garbage bag on the table and take out the permanent mark. They can design their label in any way they want, including their name, graffiti and color. Children will love this feeling of independence, and every day they will see their mini masterpieces on school equipment.But proceed with caution: because these are Everlasting Marking (permanent marking is best for these labels), make sure you completely cover the surface your child is using. Parent supervision is definitely recommended. Also, make sure your child is old enough to handle permanent markings. If not, Avery Durable Labels for Kids’ Gear can still be made by yourself quickly and directly! 4.19 USD, Amazon

For Back to School Cunning Label: Washi Tape

For parents who seize every opportunity to become cunning and creative, Washi Tape is for you! Washi tape comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and you can pick out your child’s favorite color. Cut the strips from the washi tape and stick them directly on the pencil case, water bottle, file folder, clothing label, etc.! You can use paper tape to get a very creative effect because you don’t have to insist on using paper strips.Create shapes such as hearts and squares, or write your child’s name exist Washi tape. More time consuming than buying tags, but if you have some time and are in a cunning mood, try it! The worst case is that it does not work. Washi Tape is easy to remove and will not damage the back-to-school supplies you stick to it. 6 to 18 dollars, Amazon website

Update January 23, 2021

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