A rock family band connecting music lovers with dazzling mixes –…

A rock family band connecting music lovers with dazzling mixes –…


A Rock Family Band Connecting Music Lovers With Dazzling Mixtures - Essential Machine Drop EP

An indie rock band that creates all the noise, Essential Machine builds an impressive presence with their vibrant, spirited and energetic music

Essential Machine is a unique and phenomenal music collective and a magnetizing indie rock family band. With energetic, bold and exciting musical compositions, the eclectic group hope to wow listeners with their new 7-track EP “Exponential Crisis”.

The electrifying new EP is sure to propel the talented band onto the rock map and showcase their impressive, inimitable arsenal of melodies and vocals. With expert instrumentation, powerful vocals and haunting rhythms, “Exponential Crisis” showcases Essential Machine’s impressive inventiveness.

Exponential Crisis was released on May 20, 2022 and marks the seventh release from Essential Machine. Self-released for their first six albums, the trio then partnered with Pittsburgh DIY tape label Lemon Tree Records for Exponential Crisis.

An immensely creative act in the rock world, Essential Machine is a family band planning to complement their new EP with a tour in October 2022. The band includes versatile guitarist and vocalist RJ, his wife Karen, who plays drums, and their son Robert, who plays bass and synths.

Essential Machine first made their name in the music world in 2009 as a duo led by RJ and Karen Dietrich. The couple’s son, Robert, joined the band in 2015 at the age of 14, adding a new and unique sound to their palette.

The artists’ latest record, Exponential Crisis, is already receiving an increasing number of streams and, with the song “Almost out of here” Charting on the Top 200 NACC charts in June 2022.

Essential Machine remains motivated by the goal and plan to tour more and continue to write and release fun, original music. The band is driven by a desire to connect with music lovers who are in a…


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