Abendroth-Fortel.com supports the digitization of the goods market with innovative applications

Abendroth Forta leading financial services advisor and renowned commodities broker that aims to provide its clients with a range of investment opportunities in the commodities markets, announced today the disclosure of fundamental commodities content from analysis via the updated developer platform, allowing clients to instantly access the commodities markets database and their fundamentals.

The current market events have influenced the traditional way of doing business, including the commodity markets, which means that the fundamental data collection of commodities from the analyzes of Abendroth Fortel opens further continuous use of APIs. This represents a first step in a long journey to bring the company’s analysts fundamental raw material and data insights directly into the client’s driver systems and quantitative models, which will help to accurately interpret trends from big data sets.

There are several factors that determine whether it is practical for market users to react promptly to various changes in market conditions. Continuous digitization, artificial intelligence and access to big data facilitate the operating models. The new developer platform includes data professionals ready to harness the power of data by injecting big data and insights directly into original systems and confidential data models. The analysis of the basic commodity content that creates the new API offering includes the company’s commodity inventory.

“The Developer Platform is a key part of our vision to drive the commodity markets of the future by developing the competency focused on our customers through the application of digital technologies. In addition, we use a corresponding market approach that shows trading participants ways to face different challenges and helps them to…


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