Access Elevator Stairlifts in Galena, Dekalb, Sheboygan, …

Access Elevator Stairlifts in Galena, Dekalb, Sheboygan, …


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Cudahy, Wisconsin – (ReleaseWire) — 08/06/2022 — Access Elevator, a leading provider of mobility and accessibility products, offers stair lifts to homeowners in Galena, Dekalb, Sheboygan, Springfield, Wausau, Chicago and the surrounding area. Regardless of whether customers want a permanent installation or just a temporary installation of a stairliftthey can help homeowners enjoy all areas of their home.

Unless an owner is one of the few to have everything on a single level with no indoor or outdoor stairs, homeowners will have to deal with the stairs on their property. Whether they have issues related to aging, balance, or a medical issue, a stairlift has a very positive impact on the day-to-day use of a home. Safety and avoiding injury are high on the list of benefits with a stairlift, but it doesn’t end there.

Another great benefit is that stairlifts restore independence. Too often, without a stairlift, people worry that they won’t be able to get back up the basement stairs, especially if they bring something with them. So you don’t take stairs. But with a stairlift, they don’t have to worry about having the energy to get back up, nor do they have to worry about losing their balance or tripping on the steps.

A stairlift is also one of the most affordable options when it comes to aging in place. Anyone who has lived in their home for a long time prefers to stay where everything is familiar. Adding a stairlift gives them a safe way to continue living in their home without their family having to worry about navigating difficult stairs.

You often hear that people are unsure how often they would use a stairlift and this is a great case for temporarily installing a stairlift. In most cases when people have added a stair lift to their home,…


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