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According to reports, Amazon is making its own TV set, which will be released in October

Amazon may be shifting from streaming boxes to true Amazon-branded TVs

Amazon may be shifting from streaming boxes to true Amazon-branded TVs
Photo: Diane Bondareff/Invision for Amazon (Associated Press)

Amazon is here again.According to insiders report, The company is now preparing to launch its own Amazon-branded TV, possibly as early as October.

Insider quoted an anonymous source familiar with the product as saying that this TV will have built-in Alexa And somewhere in the range of 55 to 75 inches. It is speculated that this TV will also be designed and manufactured by TCL. The report said that TV releases have been kept secret within Amazon, but the company has been cutting this project for the past two years.According to reports, it also Involving the teams from Amazon Devices and Lab126, the latter is the R&D team behind Kindle and Fire TV Stick. In addition to the branded TV series, Amazon is also reportedly working on internal designs for individual TVs.

BesidesThe more detailed specifications and pricing of these rumored TVs are still a mystery. For example, it is not clear whether these TVs will have Fire TV software like other Fire TVs currently sold by other manufacturers. There are good reasons to think it will.Amazon Updated the user interface of Fire TV At the end of last year, at about the same time, it also launched Two TVs under the AmazonBasics brand in IndiaIn addition, historically, Amazon’s entry into gadgets was to Embed its services in people’s homes. have a look Alexa microwave, Echo frame, The original Echo speakers, and the huge graveyard of experimental Amazon gadgets that never really took off. (cough, Fire call, COh. )

As for prices, Amazon is mainly known for being affordable. For example, its TVs launched in India are priced at about US$410 for a 50-inch model and US$480 for a 55-inch model. The Insignia brand Fire TV sold by Best Buy is also a dirty chip, which occupies a prominent position in Amazon Prime member day sales. (Don’t buy these TVs on Prime Day.) It remains to be seen whether these rumored TVs are intended to serve the budget market, or whether Amazon really plans to compete with other TV manufacturers such as Sony, LG, and Samsung — or whether it will promote itself at the show TV. The cost of other people selling on their online marketplace.

Although Insider claims that it may launch as early as October, it also points out that the project has been hampered by “logistics bottlenecks.” Given that the global chip shortage has caused delays and supply issues in the release of several gadgets this year, this is not surprising. In any case, we may not have to wait too long to know if this is happening. October is coming, Black Friday is almost there too-you know that Amazon likes to make millions of dollars during the sales holiday.

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