According to the FMI report on the workout apparel market, quick-drying…

According to the FMI report on the workout apparel market, quick-drying…


That Sportswear market was valued at $210.8 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach $384.8 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 6.2% through 2032.

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Workout Apparel Market CAGR 6.2%
Workout Apparel Market Size (2022) $210.8 billion
Training Wear Market Share (2032) $384.2 billion

Training clothing is a type of utility clothing that improves athletes’ performance in athletic or physical fitness activities by improving body movement compared to ordinary clothing.

Additionally, the unique benefits of athletic apparel such as breathability, quick drying, static resistance, heat resistance, and chemical resistance are increasing consumer acceptance, thereby driving the growth of exercise apparel market and exercise apparel acceptance trends.

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The launch of the same is expected to positively impact potential market trends and forecasts for workout wear.

The major trends and opportunities of the global workout apparel market are expanding due to rising disposable income and fitness awareness of buyers.

The coronavirus epidemic has had a detrimental impact on the workout apparel market as lockdowns and restrictions on the number of customer visits to stores have resulted in a decline in workout apparel sales.

The growing popularity of smart athletic apparel designed to enhance exercise routines, monitor performance and provide real-time feedback represents growth potential for the exercise apparel market.

Due to the high demand for workout clothes for fitness or sports activities, the “Other” segment (shorts, sweatshirts & hoodies, tank tops) generated the most revenue.

However, the workout wear market is predicted to grow rapidly as the trend towards athleisure as casual wear increases among the world’s youth population.

The market share of training wear in the polyester sector is increasing due to several advantages such as quick drying, sufficient stretch, easy to wash, wrinkle …


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