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Afghan film producer Sahraa Karimi talks about the Taliban acquisition

Sahra Karimi said the world remained silent and did not believe that the Taliban would come to the town and take over the capital of the country

New Delhi: As the extremist Islamic organization Taliban seized control of Afghanistan, one of the country’s most popular film characters, Sahra Karimi, said on Sunday that the current situation is “terrible” and it is now necessary to document what is happening in the region for the world. Things bear witness to these test times.

The Taliban swept Afghanistan this month, occupying almost all major cities and towns in Afghanistan after the U.S. forces withdrew from Afghanistan 20 years later.

After Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani left the country for an unknown destination, Kabul also entered the hands of the Taliban on Sunday. Ghani is now in the UAE with his family.

Karimi’s open letter called for the world film industry to become the spokesperson of the Afghan people during the crisis and quickly became popular before the Taliban took over. She recalled the incident that happened when she tried to withdraw money at a bank on August 15.

“On August 15th, I tried to withdraw money at a bank, but unfortunately, we were waiting and did not get the money. (We heard) gunshots were heard outside and the bank manager told me to leave because the Taliban had just surrounded Kabul. , They are very close,” the 38-year-old filmmaker told the Indian media via a Zoom video call.

“He (the manager) asked me to go home. Because everyone in Kabul knew me, he showed me the back door (of the bank) so I could call a taxi,” she added.

The independent filmmaker is currently in Kiev, Ukraine. After escaping from Kabul, he shared a live video on Instagram on the day the Taliban took over the Afghan capital.

“The Taliban has entered the city, and I want to run away,” she can be seen running on the city streets in the video.

When talking about the video, the director who is famous for films such as “Hawa, Mariam, Aisha” and “Afghan Woman on Wheels” said that she decided to go online while running for her own life because she Believe that “the world should know us”.

“In the middle (I think) it’s unfair for them (Taliban) to take over the city… so I started live streaming on Instagram. I’m a filmmaker, even if I’m in this situation I think it’s important to record and let people know, because what happened in Afghanistan in the past few months is terrible.

“The whole world is silent and does not believe that the Taliban will come to the town and take over the capital of the country,” she said in the interview.

Karimi is also the general manager of the Afghan Film Organization, a state-owned film company. He said there are documents to prove the attitude of the Taliban towards the Afghan people when they ruled the country in the 1990s.

At a press conference earlier this week, the Taliban promised that they will seek an “inclusive, Islamic” government in Afghanistan and will provide a full amnesty to those who work for governments supported by the United States and the West.

They stated that since the last time they took office from 1996 to 2001, they have become more moderate and will respect women’s rights within the framework of Islamic legal norms.

But many Afghans fear that they will return to the harsh Taliban rule of the late 1990s, when the organization banned women from going to school or going to work, banned television and music, cut off the hands of suspected thieves and executed them publicly.

“Our understanding of the Taliban comes from our experience with them in the 90s. Many movies and pictures are from that era, many of which are from different provinces when the Taliban took over, and how they get along with the people, especially women,” Karimi Say.

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