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‘Afghan women at home temporarily unable to work’-World

The eyes of the world are on them, and the Taliban have rejected the accusations of violence and abuse that have been increasing over the past few days. But for now, they warned that “women must stay at home” and not go to work. “This is for their own benefit to prevent abuse,” spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid told reporters at the second press conference after the Islamic Emirate returned to Afghanistan, and assured that preventing women from working is a “temporary” decision. Because “the security forces are currently not operating, nor have they received training in dealing with and talking with women.” So, “Now we must stop women until they are fully secured. When the right system is in place, they can go back to work.” But these guarantees are rarely convincing. Starting from the equal rights foreshadowed in recent days, we have turned to “stay at home”, and for women, the nightmare of infringement has returned to a country that has existed for two decades. This is a problem that the West is very worried about. G7 leaders stated that the Taliban “will be held responsible for their actions in terrorism and human rights, especially women’s actions”. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet called on the new owners of Kabul to respect the rights and freedoms of Afghan women and girls, calling them “red lines”

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