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Afghanistan: Biden withstood pressure and confirms withdrawal on August 31-The World

US President Joe Biden withstood the pressure and confirmed to the G7 that the last US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan will take place on August 31. This was reported by a U.S. government source cited by the media. Therefore, Biden decided to follow the recommendations of the Pentagon. The leaders of the Pentagon will oppose the extension of the deadline for withdrawal from Kabul, where there are currently more than 5,000 American soldiers in the evacuation operation. The White House first asked the Pentagon to prepare a “contingency plan” to extend its stay in Kabul if necessary.

It was British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who opened and closed the video summit of the G7 leaders (Mario Draghi, Italy) on the Afghan archives. After the contingent withdrew, some of the Taliban took over Kabul and held it in an extraordinary fashion. The meeting. Remnants of NATO countries. According to the PA agency, in the middle, Johnson delivered speeches to different colleagues until the most anticipated speech, the speech of US President Joe Biden, lasted no more than 7 minutes.

The core of the discussion was to coordinate the evacuation of foreigners and some of the Afghans considered the most dangerous (the former collaborators of NATO’s mission in Primis) before August 31, and the adoption of diplomatic measures to promote the protection of civilians and their presence in the country. The right of the country and the right to receive humanitarian assistance. On the other hand, after the month-end deadline agreed by Washington and the Taliban at the time, the postponement of the evacuation of the soldiers responsible for the evacuation from Kabul Airport seemed out of reach: Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron, and EU leaders. An extension of the deadline is recommended immediately afterwards.

“Within the time required to complete operations, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the’Kabul’ airport. This is one of the questions we have raised to the United States and other partners.” This is Charles Michel, President of the European Council in the Seven Nations Said at the end of the group’s special meeting on Afghanistan.

It is understood that Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi issued an appeal to the leaders of the Group of Seven: “Italy will use the resources allocated to the Afghan army for humanitarian assistance. I ask all of you to join in this commitment. In line with your country’s situation”.

The G7 leaders formulated a “road map” at today’s Afghanistan video summit, on the condition that a dialogue with the Taliban is possible. “The first condition is that they guarantee a safe corridor for all those who want to leave the country”, even in 8 After the deadline on 31st. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said.

Johnson said that we need to maintain “reality” with the Taliban, but the G7 has “a huge leverage” to try to influence them after the withdrawal.

Mario Draghi emphasized that Afghanistan’s goal is to be able to safely end the evacuation before the end of August. Regarding the merits of the case, the Prime Minister emphasized the need to “maintain channels of communication even after the August 31 deadline, and it is possible to transit Afghanistan safely.” In addition, we must ensure that—from the beginning—international organizations can even enter Afghanistan. After this deadline, can we have a coordinated and common approach “on immigration issues”? “Asked Draghi. “So far, we have not been able to do it at the European or international level. We must make great efforts for this. In the fight against terrorism, our cooperation is essential, and united action is essential. It is also important to use all the diplomatic and fiscal levers we can use,” he concluded.

“Acknowledge that the Taliban are not at the negotiating table right now.” European Commission President Ursula von der Lein said this at the end of the G7 meeting.

The Taliban “will be held responsible for their actions in terrorism and human rights, especially the actions of women.” This is the content of the final statement of the Group of Seven. The seven leaders emphasized that Afghanistan “must never become a safe haven for terrorism and the source of terrorist attacks against other countries.”

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