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Afghanistan: Seven people killed in chaos near Kabul airport

exist acceptance According to the British government, seven people were killed in the crowd around the airport. The Ministry of Defense issued a statement on Sunday, saying: “We are with the families of seven Afghan civilians who have unfortunately lost their lives in the Kabul crowd.”

A spokesperson described the conditions at the scene as “still extremely difficult.”

There was a BBC reporter before Sky news There were reports of chaos in front of the airport gate on Saturday, and people were “squeezed”. Many people are dehydrated and desperate. According to his report, the medical staff could no longer detect the vital signs of several people, so they were wrapped in white towels.

“Dangerous” and “Variable”

due to Taliban exist Afghanistan Every day, many Afghans and foreign citizens try to enter the capital’s airport in order to escape the country on one of the evacuation flights. On Saturday, the German and American embassies in Kabul advised their citizens not to try to reach the airport.

The U.S. Embassy in Kabul warned on its website on Saturday: “Due to the potential security threats at the Kabul airport gate, we advise American citizens not to go to the airport at this time and avoid the airport gate.” Berlin Described the situation at the airport on Saturday as “dangerous” and “turbulent” and warned against coming to the airport.

The fact that US soldiers had to take a helicopter to bring 169 people to the airport safely on Friday also shows how dangerous and chaotic the situation around the airport is. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the reason was a “large group of people” in front of the airport.

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