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Afghanistan: Why do we need refugee quotas

The principal talks about “tragedy” Angela Merkel. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier Bring up the picture acceptance “Shameful for Western politics.”

Dismay at the takeover of power by a fundamentalist religion Taliban exist Afghanistan Great in all political camps. However, the EU countries’ call to really help Afghan refugees is obviously not big enough.

Canada And former EU members Great Britain Last week, it continued to provide guarantees for thousands of refugees from Afghanistan. Europeans are responding to the disaster in Afghanistan, just as they have done in the area of ​​asylum policy in the past few years: they suppress the disaster.

Since the so-called refugee crisis in 2015, more than 1 million refugees from the Middle East have come to the European Union. The European continent has reached a consensus that refugees should stay away Europe -Use force when necessary.

European heads of state and government are very unwilling to take responsibility for those in need. This cannot be shaken. This is not the plight of Afghan girls and women, nor is it that people look desperately at the photos of airplanes clinging to them.

Instead, European politicians are repeating well-known proposals that have not worked in previous crises.

Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Sihofer For example, hope that people will be taken care of “on the spot”, in other words, in neighboring countries of Afghanistan, Iran About. He did not say how this should work. Iran itself is in a severe economic crisis, and the epidemic is spreading rapidly. The country is unlikely to be able to take care of a large number of Afghan refugees. In addition, the EU has almost no reliable relationship with the Iranian terrorist regime.

Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz More than that. Not only did he not want to accept people, he wanted to insist on expelling Afghans; his interior minister, Karl Nehammer, said that if he didn’t go to Afghanistan, he would go to a neighboring country.

And the prime minister of Greece Kyriacos Mizotakis It has been announced that if necessary, the asylum rights of new immigrants will be suspended again, as he did as President of Turkey in the spring of 2020 Recep Tayyip Erdogan If migrants are taken to the Turkish-Greece border.

Almost all of these proposals are accompanied by warnings that 2015 should not be repeated. The situation today is very different from six years ago.

The gate of that time Syria Until after Germany In fact, it is basically open.Refugees can pass through the Middle East more or less unhindered Turkey Go to Europe.

The route today is very tight. The Taliban control the border crossings, which is why only a few people currently leave the country, for example to Iran.

Turkey has built a separation wall on the border with Iran to keep Afghans out. Erdogan also sent 30,000 soldiers to the area. The few asylum-seekers who are still going to Turkey and want to continue to Europe are intercepted by the Greek Navy and illegally deported to Turkey.

As a result, people are trapped in Turkey, Iran or-in most cases-in Afghanistan. Therefore, the question is not how to avoid the second 2015, but how to help Afghans when faced with this situation.

Green Premier Candidate Annalena Balbok As experts such as David Kipp of the Berlin Science Foundation have been doing for a long time, clamoring for quota solutions over the weekend. According to the Green Party, 50,000 Afghans can be resettled to Germany in this way.

This is the only way to rescue particularly threatened groups without transferring responsibility to neighboring countries. It is not easy to implement.

As the slow evacuation of local staff shows, it is extremely difficult to get people out of Afghanistan at the moment.This will require air freight in a state like this Uzbekistan, And then from there people are further redistributed.

It is also possible to find out who has left Afghanistan and is now in Iran or PakistanEndure, absorb. This will at least reduce the burden on Afghanistan’s neighbors.

EU countries have differences in immigration policies for the foreseeable future, so they cannot take action. Therefore, Germany should cooperate with other willing countries and cooperate with Canada, the United Kingdom, America. A large-scale international resettlement plan is needed, as in the case of Vietnamese refugees. It can be coordinated by UNHCR, which has many years of experience in resettlement.

In Germany, this policy will be the majority. According to an online survey conducted by public opinion research organization YouGov on behalf of the Seebrücke Initiative, almost two-thirds of German citizens support protecting threatened Germans from threats in Afghanistan.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Heiko Mars In an interview with Der Spiegel recently, it was a “damn responsibility” to let as many people leave Afghanistan as possible. Now is the time for him and the other heads of the federal government to perform their duties.

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