African governments are using education data to reverse the learning crisis

African governments are using education data to reverse the learning crisis


LONDON, May 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — African education leaders travel to London to present transformative public education programs supported by NewGlobe at the prestigious Education World Forum (EWF) May 8-10.

Using education data to drive learning transformation will be a key learning for the global education community at the EWF, the largest gathering of education ministers in the world.

They are facing what Jaime Saavedra, the World Bank’s director of education, calls “the worst education crisis in 100 years.”

data from the World Bank shows that global learning poverty – defined as the percentage of 10-year-olds unable to read a basic sentence – has increased from 50% to 70% in low- and middle-income countries, while in sub-Saharan Africa is 90%.

Despite these daunting challenges, NewGlobe-supported programs in Nigeria, Liberia, Rwanda and Manipur (India) are at the forefront in using education-data-enabled solutions to fight poverty.

The success stories of EKOEXCEL, EdoBEST, BayelsaPRIMEkwaraLEARN, Bridge Liberia, RwandaFACILITIESAnd STAR formation Programs are issued at EWF. All see huge improvements in learning outcomes.

Underpinning their success is a data-driven structured pedagogy that has been independently assessed in Kenya in a learn under the direction of Professor Michael Kremer, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics. It confirmed learning gains among “the largest ever measured in international education”.

The EKOEXCEL program in Lagos State, Nigeria is a prime example of using data-driven solutions to reverse learning poverty. One of the initiatives of the program which ‘situation space“ is issued at EWF.

The Situation Room visualizes data from all 1012 elementary schools in Lagos State and provides actionable insights. NewGlobe’s Spotlight software gives education leaders real-time access to critical data – empowering government to take informed action.

Lagos State Education Commissioner, Folashade Adefisayo said:

“If there are any…


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