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Albanian Parliament agrees to compulsory vaccination for ministers – EURACTIV.com

The Albanian Parliament voted yesterday in favour of mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for all members of Parliament in order to encourage vaccination.

Both the Socialist majority and the opposition agree that MPs should lead by example and get vaccinated.

Taorant Barra, the leader of the Socialist parliamentary group, said: “The parliament today sets a good example for Albanian citizens. Vaccination is the only way to slow the pandemic.”

The government also stated that it will hold all parliamentary committee debates online and even provide free laptops to members of parliament. This decision was criticized by the opposition, who claimed it was to avoid censorship.

In August, the government announced that all medical staff, teachers, and students over the age of 18 must be vaccinated. They set a deadline for compliance on September 30. Just two weeks later, another announcement stipulated that police, pharmacists, state administrators and laboratory technicians must be stabbed.

These decisions have received different responses. Some people praise compulsory vaccination to fight the virus, while others claim it violates their rights.

According to data from the Albanian Ministry of Health, about 747,441 adults have been vaccinated so far. This is equivalent to 26% of the population, which is lower than the EU average, but on par with regional neighbors.

Albanians can choose between the Chinese Huaxing vaccine, the Russian satellite or the limited number of AstraZeneca and Pfizer. Vaccines are freely available throughout the country, but the vaccination rate is still very low. This is partly due to misinformation circulating on Albanian media and social media platforms.

Earlier this month, the European Commission announced that it would recognize Albania’s COVID-19 vaccination certificate as the same as that of its own country.

European Union Donated Provided 150,000 Pfizer vaccines to Albania. The last batch was delivered on August 23 with the assistance of Austria.

In May, Croatia announced that it would donate approximately 20,000 doses of vaccine to the country and 20,000 doses from Greece as part of the COVAX vaccine sharing program. COVAX is composed of multiple international organizations, including the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund.

The head of the Albanian health department is considering whether to provide a booster dose for the elderly. They are also considering vaccinating people over the age of 12 who are “at risk” due to chronic health conditions.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, countries wishing to join the European Union have registered 150,998 cases and 2,609 deaths.

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