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Alcohol, TAD is on the agenda again | Rome News Tribune

The commissioners met at 5 pm and started their business meeting at 601 Broad Street City Hall at 6:30 pm.

Before the board of directors voted to establish a tax distribution area containing nine parcels in the shopping center area, a public hearing will be arranged. TAD occupies 156 acres, including the shopping center itself and the idle land of the Roman Tennis Center in Georgia.

Hull Property Group has been seeking TAD status before launching a multi-million dollar redevelopment plan. The company hopes to demolish the Sears wing of the shopping center, build a road to the tennis center, and add new businesses such as restaurants and hotels.

If approved, it is expected that within 20 years there will be an estimated increase of 3.8 million U.S. dollars in taxes, which will be invested in reconstruction rather than in the general fund.

The commissioner is also expected to approve changes to the city’s alcohol regulations so that the sales of on-site dining trucks will count towards the 50:50 food-to-beverage ratio required by liquor establishments.

Currently, food must come from the indoor kitchen.

The board will also first review the second proposed change made through the Alcohol Control Committee last week.

The amendment will keep the sales ratio at 50/50, but will extend the allowable offset of alcoholic beverages to include non-food items. Supporters say the move will open the door to a wider range of entertainment venues.

The proposal states that dumping sites must be “restaurants, hotels, private clubs, lounges, public stadiums, stadiums or auditoriums” approved by the ACC, not “walk-in bars or places of misrepresentation.”

Among other actions on Monday, the commissioner plans to officially accept the $23,000 state historic preservation grant awarded to ES Brown Fairview School. The plan is to pass it on to the foundation to restore the Cap Spring school where black Floyd County children once attended.

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