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All the luxury goods of the Place Athenaeum in Paris | Hotel

Since I started traveling around the world about 10 years ago, I have been eager to visit this ONE hotel-this is the most iconic, historic, refined, elegant and historic classic hotel in the world: the luxurious Hôtel Plaza Athénée Paris . This hotel also happens to have the most idyllic view of the Eiffel Tower.

The hotel is located on the famous Avenue Montaigne in the center of Paris, close to the famous Champs-Elysées and only a few steps away from the Eiffel Tower. In addition to its ideal location, it also provides more services.

This legendary hotel opened in 1913. During an extraordinary century of business, its luxurious suites have hosted elites: from international celebrities and politicians to high-ranking royals. It has 154 rooms and 54 suites, Athenaeum Its stylish environment is always stunning, where the French decor and luxurious Italian marble that decorates the hotel bathroom together with unique antiques and bespoke bed sheets and fabrics create an elegant amalgam that is part of the elegant interior design.

Unique rooms and fantastic suites constitute the hotel’s paradise!

Athena-Paris-Mariehope SquareAthena-Paris-Mariehope Square
The majestic entrance of the hotel

Excellent dining

One of the oldest restaurants in the city, legendary relay, Providing such an amazing dining experience, even persuaded Christian Dior, who used to have lunch in the restaurant, to move his famous boutique to Avenue Montaigne-just across the street from his favorite restaurant-so he doesn’t have to miss a meal It’s dinner. Le Relais has hosted many other celebrities, such as TV and movie stars, actors, musicians, politicians, and royals and prominent families from all over the world. This is an amazing Art Deco tavern that welcomes hotel guests and tourists-with its own private entrance for this purpose.

Alain Ducasse holds a three-Michelin star carefully designed menu Alain Ducasse Restaurant in Plaza AtheneeThere, Alain Ducasse told a personal story inspired by nature and the fish-vegetable-cereal trilogy, created a meat-free menu that respects the earth, and finally creatively created haute cuisine in Alain Ducasse’s unique way Interpretation.

The hotel has five restaurants and the famous bar On the first floor, Thierry Hernandez played the magic of his bartender. Have a cocktail and enjoy the atmosphere!

plaza-athenee-paris-maryhop-le-relaisplaza-athenee-paris-maryhop-le-relaisAthena-Paris-Mariehope Square

Athena-Paris-Mariehope Square
Alanducas Restaurant/Photo from the Dorchester Collection

The perfect choice for square chocolate

My chocolate journey started in the lobby, where I tasted traditional hot chocolate from a famous brand. Alain Dukas. This is a bucket list experience, because it received a lot of positive feedback, I finally arrived: Athena Plaza corridor. My cup of chocolate is very thick, which is very strange, because I deliberately ordered a cup of light chocolate from a well-trained waiter. Although it is also a bit bitter, its texture and fragrance are very good; this is one of the best chocolate cups I have ever had in the hotel lobby/corridor.

Within a few seconds, you will realize and recognize the luxury and uniqueness of the corridor. Not to mention the reliable, excellent and exemplary level of customer service provided-the best customer service.

This alone is enough to give you a reason to visit the hotel-whether you should appreciate luxury and quality service and attention to detail.

Athena-Paris-Mariehope SquareAthena-Paris-Mariehope Square

Premier Suite

What better way to end this article than this DREAM kit? !

My original plan was to visit the Eiffel Suite-you know, the suite that Kylie Bradshaw lived in when he moved to Paris with Alexander Petrovsky (if you are a fan of Sex and the City, you will know… …). The suites have been fully booked since the episode aired, and I ended up visiting the Prestige Suites-actually better.

If you follow me Instagram, You may know that I was very excited when I saw the iconic main window of the hotel.

There are not many hotels in Paris that can provide such an amazing city view. Looking out the window, the boundary between reality and fantasy is blurred: is it a window frame or an avant-garde masterpiece of the Eiffel Tower? Hard to say. The Prestige Suite has a magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower and Avenue Montaigne and deserves every award.

The suite exudes ancient Parisian romance and is a model of luxury: velvet sofas, exquisite golden details and high-quality marble. All luxury!

Stroll in the Supreme Suite and enjoy Paris!


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