Amazon introduces Bedside Sleep Tracker, first Kindle that can write

Amazon introduces Bedside Sleep Tracker, first Kindle that can write


  • Inc AMZN Event for Devices and Services introduced several new products for consumers Wednesday.

  • It brought the first 10.2-inch Kindle with an adjustable 300 ppi frontlit display that the user could write on, priced at $339.99 including the stylus.

  • It adapts to the environment for an optimal experience and lasts for weeks without a charge.

  • The Kindle Scribe will be available worldwide in time for the holidays. It comes with a free four-month subscription to Kindle Unlimited.

  • Two new Kindle products are Kindle and Kindle Kids.

  • The Halo Rise device is a first-of-its-kind sleep tracker, wake-up light, and smart alarm clock. Using non-contact sensor technology, it determines sleep stages and measures a bedroom’s environment to deliver highly accurate insights and personalized sleep analytics.

  • It will be available for $139.99 and includes a six-month Halo membership.

  • A free update will likely benefit all current and future Echo Studio customers. Its Echo Dot with new, specially developed spatial audio processing technology builds on Amazon’s 3D audio.

  • It improved frequency range extension technology and has a new color option: Glacier White, which will ship next month.

  • The next-gen Echo Dot also features an accelerometer and temperature sensor.

  • It also adds eero built-in to Echo Dot, allowing Echo devices to serve as Wi-Fi extenders for the first time. Any compatible Echo device adds up to 1,000 square feet of coverage to an existing eero network.

  • has also updated the Echo Dot with Clock to include a display with more information.

  • Echo Dot will be available for $49.99 and Echo Dot with Clock for $59.99. Echo Dot Kids will be available next month for $59.99.

  • The “Hey, Disney!” The custom voice assistant, powered by Alexa technology, will be available to US customers with a Kids+ subscription or in the Alexa Skills Store.

  • Disney’s wearable device, MagicBand+, will be compatible with “Hey, Disney!” and work with Echo devices in…


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