Amazon Satellite Launcher boss says, ‘We need more transport, don’t…’

Amazon Satellite Launcher boss says, ‘We need more transport, don’t…’


United Starting Alliance CEO Tory Bruno said on Wednesday that its cargo ship called Rocketship, which is used to transport rockets, will be in service for years to come come.

What happened: ULA recently chose a shipbuilding company Bristol Harbor Group Inc Build a roll-on/roll-off barge to transport his Vulcan Centaur missiles across rivers and oceans.

When asked by a Twitter user if the new ship spelled the end of the rocketship, Bruno replied that the “graceful” rocketship would remain in service for many years to come. “We need more transport, not less,” said Bruno.

The missile manufacturer’s rocketship has been used to transport ULA missiles from the company’s manufacturing facility in Decatur, Georgia to launch sites in Florida and California for nearly two decades.

Building a new missile production facility near Florida will be more expensive than shipping missiles out of Decatur because it would have to be built from scratch, Bruno added.

The name of the new barge has yet to be determined. “I’m still thinking about it,” Bruno said.

Why it matters:, Inc‘S AMZN The first two satellites in space Kuipersat-1 And Kuipersat-2– is now expected to be launched on the maiden flight of ULA’s Vulcan Centaur rocket in summer from Florida. Vulcan engines are manufactured by jeff bezos“Aerospace company Blue Origin.

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