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American Girl of the Year First Chinese American Girl

Meet Corinne Tan: American Girl’s First Chinese American Girl of the Year

American Girl fans overjoyed Girl of the Year 2022 – Colleen Tan!Corinna is American Girl’s first Chinese American Girl of the Year. Growing up with her Chinese American family in Aspen, Colorado, Corinne enjoys skiing on the slopes, being a big sister to her younger sister Gwynn, and training her new puppy to be a search and rescue dog.

Corinna Join American Girl’s collection of contemporary characters and inspire children to make a positive impact on the world. american girl says “Despite being steady and brave on the mountain, Colleen must find balance as she adjusts to her new mixed family and speaks up in the face of xenophobic rhetoric. Through Corinna’s story, young readers learn that home means being surrounded by their loved ones and taking pride in who they are while advocating for positive change. “

Corinne’s story is relevant and timely, exploring changing family dynamics and Corinne’s Chinese heritage, addressing anti-Asian racism, and offering lessons in empathy and alliance. To further support Corinne’s important information, American Girl donates $25,000 AAPI Youth Rise, a student-led nonprofit raising awareness of rising xenophobia against Asians in the U.S. and calling for positive change through education.

American Girl General Manager Jamie Cygielman said, “While it’s full of outdoor adventure and fun, Corinne’s message is ultimately about the power of love – between family, friends and community – and the strength and courage that comes from it. We Corinne was created to be a positive role model our fans can look up to and learn from all Strive to build a world where everyone is treated fairly and with respect. ”

Fans of American Girl can bring Corinne’s story to life with a beautiful 18-inch doll. With brown eyes and long straight black hair with turquoise highlights, Corinne wore her signature outfit with a white cable-knit sweater, iridescent leggings and faux fur-trimmed boots. To create the doll, American Girl designers consulted consultants on several exclusive features, including Corinne’s hairstyle and color, skin tone and newly designed eyes.

Further leaning toward the power of family — first with Girl of the Year — American Girl also introduced Corinna’s sister Gwen’s 14.5-inch companion doll. Just like her older sister, Gwen has brown eyes and long black braids with bangs. In addition to her introductory outfits, there are other accessories that reflect Gwynn’s love of skating. AG fans, especially siblings, will be delighted to have these strong and sweet sisters in their American Girl series, creating endless AG family fun with imaginative play.

already have one The full range of Corinne products and events planned for purchase.Corinne’s product line has everything she needs for an afternoon on the slopes, such as accessory sets including knitted hats, sunglasses, shin guards and backpacks. Corinne, Gwynn and the full 2022 Girls of the Year Collection Now Available American Girl Network, and at your local American Girl store.

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