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American Storm: “People will need a lot of help”

Severe flooding occurred in Tennessee, USA, killing at least 21 people. After the storm, many other residents remained unaccounted for.

The heavy rains on Saturday caused flooding, and in some cases, rainfall was as high as 43 cm per square meter.

Country roads, highways and bridges were washed away, and thousands of people were cut off from electricity.

These recordings came from Waverley, 120 kilometers west of Nashville. An amateur filmmaker commented on the damage to the location during the car trip.

“You can look directly at the house. Everything is broken. This is another wrecked car in the ditch. There are two more here. This car is hanging from a tree. It is incredible how much Waverly has destroyed. People will need a lot of help.”

Search and rescue teams went from house to house on Sunday to find more victims.

US President Joe Biden expressed condolences to the flood victims and said that assistance should be provided to the state quickly.

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