Amsterdam’s Red Light District: lights out for street grass, tourists…

Amsterdam’s Red Light District: lights out for street grass, tourists…


Amsterdam’s red light district will no longer allow marijuana Smoking on the streets from May 25th. Any violation of the new lawenforced by both police and local officials, carries a fine of €50 (or $54).

Nevertheless, tourists do not seem to be deterred by the new regulation.

Even coffee shops dedicated to the purchase and consumption of marijuana do not fear any negative effects on their business. Per Het Parol.

While some tourists find the ban unnecessary, coffee shop owners say it boosts their revenue by keeping customers inside longer.

“We just let people in (…) It’s not that big of a problem. We now ask you not to smoke in front of the door because it disturbs our neighbors,” said a vendor in the town hall.

“We already give our customers, especially if they come from abroad, information about what they can buy and what they can do with it. Soon we will tell them not to smoke on the street.” added Joachim Helms, owner of Green House. “They stay inside longer if they’re not allowed to smoke on the street and order more.”

However, there are enforcement concerns as existing challenges in enforcing alcohol bans could also impact the implementation of the new regime. “The enforcement of the alcohol ban is already not working. Then that won’t work either,” said Helms, who also says the city’s lack of law enforcement officers remains a problem.

Nevertheless, the European Medical Marijuana Market has seen steady growth over the past year and continues to do so expected to achieve By the end of this year, the group had achieved sales of over 550 million euros (almost 597 million US dollars). Accordingly Boris Jordan from Curaleaf Holdings Inc. CURLF“Europe is next and European theater is that.” next big market for cannabis to the US,” he said at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in 2022.

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