An earth-shattering Wall Street event is imminent (from…

An earth-shattering Wall Street event is imminent (from…

LinkedIn is proud to present the most compelling financial story to date. Join Altimetry Research’s Chief Investment Strategist, Joel Litman, as he warns of an earth-shattering Wall Street event set to rock the US stock market.

It’s an event 20 times bigger than the 2023 bank collapse, as more than half of the US stock market ($10 trillion) will move in less than 60 days. This critical moment will see some stocks soar while others plummet by as much as 90%. It’s time to protect your money now.

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What is Joel Litman’s earth-shattering event on Wall Street?

Is the next financial crisis finally upon us?

As JP Morgan insists the worst is behind us… And Wall Street presents a united front of competence and hope…

As a result, the mainstream financial media is being flooded with hopes of a new bull market for US stocks.

Unfortunately, all the hope in the world will not prepare you for what is coming on May 10th.

That night, professor and forensic accountant Joel Litman steps forward to warn of a world-shattering market event that will hit US stocks in just minutes weeks.

The last time he issued such a dire warning was in January 2020, just before stocks plunged into the fastest bear market in history.

He also cited the Great Recession of June 2008, Months before the most devastating financial crisis our country has ever seen.

But Joel says what’s coming next is not what you might expect.

And it will involve more money – fasterthan the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank earlier this year.

In fact, investors on the losing side lost up to 60% of their capital last time out.

On Wednesday May 10th, Joel goes in front of the camera to make sure you don’t share her same fate as this unfolds.

He’ll show you exact date when this event will hit US stocksand how exactly to cook it – at 8 p.m. Eastern…

Joel Litman Warning and Prediction – Get full…



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