Annex Pro Announces Agreement to Exclusively Represent Sherpa in North America

Annex Pro Announces Agreement to Exclusively Represent Sherpa in North America


Sherpa cloud infrastructure simplifies media production and empowers storytellers to realize and share their dreams with anyone, anywhere

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Sherpa is a simplified cloud infrastructure for media production

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – August 7, 2022 – (

Imagine being able to create, collaborate, and scale your media production pipeline globally faster than ever—without signing a lease on a building, without spending millions on hardware, and with minimal technical expertise. Just add artists and your vision!

Developed by the media production industry experts at Escape Technology in the UK, Sherpa is a proven, secure, vendor-agnostic cloud infrastructure environment for any VFX, animation, gaming or design visualization workflow. Annex Pro has partnered with Escape Technology to develop, deploy and support Sherpa in North America (South America coming soon).

“Escape Technology is pleased to partner with Annex Pro, a company we have long worked with to bring Sherpa cloud services exclusively to the Americas,” said Mark Cass, Managing Director of Escape Technology. “Given the similarities between our two companies, each with a strong focus on customer support and engineering, Annex Pro was the natural choice for a partnership across the pond.”

“We’ve been talking about a partnership with our friends at Escape Technology for years, and I’m really thrilled that today it’s finally a reality,” said Kerry Corlett, CEO and Founder of Annex Pro. “We’ve considered many options for cloud-based media production, and nothing comes close to Sherpa’s power, flexibility, and security. Advanced users were blown away by how easy it was to build a media production pipeline without a massive capital outlay and with minimal technical know-how. We can’t wait to show you what Sherpa can do for you!”

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