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Anti-vaxx Chronicles: A Redemption Story

We don’t know the name Today’s protagonist, But it reminds us that sometimes tragedies also have a glimmer of hope.

My God, these numbers! Of the 17 people who went on the same day as her husband, only he survived? Apart from this story, can you imagine working in these overcrowded hospitals now? Patient after patient died of an easily preventable disease? Many of these patients have undergone various surgeries in an attempt to save their lives, even amputations. Then, after several weeks of care, they expire because the virus has caused severe damage to people who have not been vaccinated.

“I hope I didn’t… behave as if I knew everything” should be the motto of these unvaccinated people. People like this believe in conspiracy theories all their lives, but don’t bear the consequences for their actions. The epidemic is now having consequences, and 94% of the lucky man’s hospitalization cohort died as a result. All this is due to the stupid memes that Facebook spreads and promotes.


she used to be One of the lucky ones. Unlike others, she is paying the price and strongly urges her friends to get vaccinated. However, her appeal also exposed the outline of her world-the vaccine is “terrible”, it is “political”, and they don’t know “what to believe”.

As of today, 2.13 billion people worldwide have been vaccinated, and adverse reactions are extremely rare. In human history, there have not been any clinical trials close to this range. At this point, the idea that these vaccines are “experimental” is completely nonsense. The experiment was conducted through traditional experiments, and the approved vaccine achieved success beyond anyone’s craziest beliefs. That is the truth. There is no political hint in this fact.

It is not liberals who politicize vaccines, and certainly not medical or scientific institutions. Under the domination of Facebook, it was scammers and lunatics who turned what should have been effortlessly into this continuous mass death.

COVID-19 is terrible. The liar politicized it. The truth is there, for anyone who wants to know the truth. This woman knows this because this is how she lives. This prevented her and her husband from being vaccinated, and he barely escaped. Now that she knows, she is trying to share this difficult lesson with her friends, but still must provide all warnings because she knows the resistance she will face.


This is what we all want! One should not be allowed to die, or dying, before people realize that maybe, just maybe, they should take a life-saving jab. But we live in the world we have, not the world we wish to have. Progress is progress.


“It’s just a different blow this time,” is correct. And if people don’t get vaccinated, this thing will mutate further, and it will become even more different next time.




“Anchor.” This language is worth noting. These people do not want to be persuaded to be vaccinated, on the contrary.As conservatives, they lack the genes that allow us liberals to fight for people who don’t look like us and experience differently from us, simply because we can Empathy Dilemma with others. Therefore, “protecting others with vaccines” is ridiculed because they have an immune system, because 99.8% of people can survive, because they still think COVID is a disease that afflicts big cities and blacks and browns.It needs to happen them make a progress. But at least it is in production.

Well, sometimes.


Some of these conspiracy theorists have invested too much money in establishing their alternative universe. They will not let anything give up.


The story of salvation is necessary to get us out of trouble. The bad thing is that they have to watch their communities be destroyed by death, not to mention the inevitable lingering health problems and medical bankruptcies of survivors.

But any progress is good progress. We all hope that our lives will return to normal, and this will not happen until the vaccine penetration rate reaches millions of people.

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