Apple, Tesla, Coinbase and why investors don’t have a medium-term…

Apple, Tesla, Coinbase and why investors don’t have a medium-term…


Benzinga reviews this weekend’s top stories covered by leading media outlets. Here are the articles investors need to read.

At Barron’s”Apple stock had a terrible September. But the neighborhood wasn’t half bad‘” emphasizes Angela Palumbo apple inc AAPL had a difficult September, the third quarter looked much better overall.

Microsoft has “sustainable benefits,” says analyst,” by Barron’s Connor Smith, examines why a Raymond James analyst is saying now is the time to buy microsoft corp MSFT Stocks, even though stocks are down 30% this year.

In Bloomberg’s “Tesla deliveries miss estimates, slowed by logistical snarls‘ Dana looks at Hull Tesla Inc TSLA Third quarter shipments, while strong, fell short of analysts’ expectations.

Coinbase solves issue that halted payments from US banks,” by Patrick Sykes of Bloomberg Coinbase Global Inc COIN Announced that an issue was fixed that prevented the company from processing transactions with US bank accounts.

In the Wall Street Journal “After the year of punishment for stocks, investors are not betting on a post-midterm rally‘ writes Hannah Miao that investors are skeptical that this year’s midterm elections will spark a market rally.

Supermarket discounts are harder to find as grocery prices rise,” by Jaewon Kang of The Wall Street Journal, notes that while grocery stores are now plentiful, it’s far more difficult to find discounts and special offers.

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