apple inc AAPL is widespread is expected to start Mixed reality headset at his World developer conferencewhich begins on June 5th.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman warned that the company’s newest product category could compete with an established competitor offering.

What Happened: Meta Platforms Inc. META is currently at the forefront of XR, which combines augmented and virtual reality, Gurman said in his weekly “Power-On” newsletter. The Mark ZuckerbergThe company he runs continues to update its devices, he added.

This will put the two companies on a headset warpath, Gurman said, adding that it could end up similar to Apple’s 15-year battle with Apple Alphabet, Inc GOOGL GOOG Android in the smartphone industry.

Gurman said he expects Apple to take the high-end market right away with the headsets, and Meta to dominate the low-end market. Meta, meanwhile, could benefit indirectly if Apple makes the mixed reality headset more popular, the columnist said. The social media giant can use the buzz to lure in customers who might not be able to afford a top-of-the-line model, he added.

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Apple’s MR Vs Task 3: Meta’s next headset iteration task 3 is expected to launch in October, four months after Apple’s MR headset was unveiled, Gurman said. The Quest 3, codenamed “Eureka,” is much lighter and thinner than the Quest 2, which launched in 2020, he said.

Gurman said he tested the prototype version of the Quest 3 and tried out its interface, video pass-through mode, software features and gaming ability.

The analyst said the Quest 3’s strap, which uses fabric on the sides instead of the Quest 2’s plastic, appeared to be a little stronger. He also noticed changes to the front of the device, including three vertical pill-shaped sensor areas on the front, replacing the dull-looking gray face. The left and right pills each contain a color video walkthrough as well as a standard camera, while the middle pill…


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