Are foldable phones worth the hype? This poll has some answers -…

Are foldable phones worth the hype? This poll has some answers -…


YouTuber and tech expert Aaron Zollo conducted a survey Twitter to determine people’s preferences for foldable phones – and the results yielded some interesting insights.

What happened: Taking to Twitter, Zollo asked his 107,900+ followers to answer the question, “Folding phones or not?”

The final result after almost 4,700 votes suggested this iPhone Users aren’t particularly interested in foldable phones, although Zollo noted that “many want to at least try them.”

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One user responded to Zollo’s tweet by saying, “I’d like to try one, but wouldn’t pay $1,800 for it,” adding that it doesn’t matter apple inc AAPL or some other smartphone company makes the device – paying that much is unreasonable.

Here are some other reactions:

Why it matters: Earlier this week while Alphabet Inc.s GOOG GOOGL Google I/O annual developer conferencethe company launched its first foldable phone, pixel wrinkle.

The device is advertised as the slimmest foldable smartphone on the market and costs $1,799. It featured a dual screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, dedicated applications that optimize the folding shape, and the Tensor G2 chip for enhanced machine learning and photo editing capabilities.

With this start, Google presents a challenge Samsung Electronics SSNLF Dominant position in the foldable smartphone market.

Previously was Samsung’s mobile phone business Mobile experience, that’s what we predicted Apple will announce its first foldable device by 2024, but it won’t be an iPhone, it will be a MacBook or an iPad.

In February, Bloomberg columnist Mark Gurman also said Apple is working on a foldable device — likely one iPad or a MacBook which could start in 2026.

The Tim cookThe company he runs has not revealed any intention to create a foldable device, although speculation about the iPhone Fold has been going on for a while…


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