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As COVID-19 triggered a reassessment of work practices, some US companies explored the 4-day work schedule

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way millions of Americans work. Now, it may change the number of days Americans work a week.

“Who chose 40 hours? Who chose 5 days?” Uncharted Sea CEO and co-founder Banks Benitez said. Benitez and his company are just one of many companies reassessing the work week.

Justin Jordan Wild bit Saying 40 hours a week can be traced back to the 1920s.

“Working 40 hours a week really came from Henry Ford. Before that, people worked 100 hours a week in factories,” Jordan said.

Companies testing the 4-day work week are measuring employee productivity and assessing whether they can still meet revenue and profit targets.

“The quality of the works we produce is the same, or even higher, because we focus more on the important things,” Jordan said.

Jordan and Benitez said the key is to work smarter, not harder.

Benitez said: “The purpose of working four days a week is to be a better priority.”

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“On any given day, we actually only do four or five hours of meaningful work,” Jordan said. “This is not to say that checking emails and attending meetings are not important. The best thing is that we have these four days of very focused time.”

But the four-day work system is not a magic wand that applies to every company in every industry.

Rebecca Brooks Change agent Said that this actually made her employees more stressed and less productive.

“Because of the type of work we do, we can’t just close the office for one day. So we have to implement this rotation plan (and) they feel they have their teammates hanging in the air,” Brooks said.

Instead, Brooks decided to give each employee an extra day off each month.

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