As Trump defends Walker over abortion row, Biden says Republican…

As Trump defends Walker over abortion row, Biden says Republican…


president Joe Biden Republicans are reportedly accelerating their “extreme” policies, and it’s “really scary.”

What happened: The President made his remarks at a White House meeting to mark the 100th day since the US Supreme Court ruled Roe v. Wade fell. reported The Washington Post.

Mentioning a planned national abortion ban at 15 weeks, Biden said, according to the report, “It’s really scary … that in some states they’re already succeeding when the top decision is made.”

Tuesday, Vice President Kamala Harris said women were deprived of their “full rights as citizens” after abortion bans were enacted, reported the mail separately.

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At a meeting of the Task Force on Reproductive Healthcare Access, she said women are subject to draconian abortion laws created and brought back to life in previous centuries overthrow of Roe v. Calf.

Why it matters: Last month, Biden said Republicans did Awakened a “Mighty Power” in the country – women.

At the time, Biden had said of the GOP, “If it were up to them, they would come after birth control, marriage equality and the whole right to privacy.”

Meanwhile, a “pro-life” Georgia Senate candidate, Herschel Walkersupported by the former President donald trump was slammed after reports emerged he allegedly had paid for the abortion of a former girlfriend.

On Tuesday, Trump said on Truth Social that Walker was being “slandered and slandered” by “fake news media and obviously the Democrats.”

Truth Social is a platform of Trump media and technology groupwhich is to go public through a merger Digital World Acquisition Corp. DWAC.

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