Ascendis Pharma demonstrates its commitment to rare endocrine diseases at the…

Ascendis Pharma demonstrates its commitment to rare endocrine diseases at the…


COPENHAGEN, Denmark, May 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Ascendis Pharma A/S ASND announced today that the Company will present clinical and research findings on hypoparathyroidism and growth hormone deficiency, as well as host an information booth and events, at ECE 2023, the European Congress of Endocrinology, being held May 13-16 in Istanbul, Turkey. ECE brings together international professionals to share the latest scientific knowledge and clinical practices in the fields of endocrinology and metabolism.

“Ascendis is committed to developing novel therapies with best-in-class safety, efficacy, tolerability and convenience,” said Jan Mikkelsen, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ascendis Pharma. “We are excited to showcase our advanced endocrinology portfolio, the meaningful difference we make for patients, and our work to bring new treatment options to the European Union.”

The following are Ascendis Pharma’s five posters at ECE 2023:

  • TransCon PTH improves health-related quality of life and reduces work disability in adults with hypoparathyroidism: patient-reported results from the phase 3 PaTHway study
Christopher Sibley, MD

Date of issue: May 14th
Program code: P432
Session #969

  • Health care resource use related to postoperative and nonsurgical chronic hypoparathyroidism in England: A linked data link to clinical practice research, hospital episode statistics and a retrospective analysis from the Office for National Statistics
Christopher Sibley, MD

Program code: P301
Display date:
May 15 poster
Session #986

growth hormone deficiency
  • Patient-centered design of the Lonapegsomatropin auto-injector for pediatric growth hormone deficiency
Nils Berg Madsen, Ph.D.

Program code: EP745
Session #999

  • foresiGHt Trial Design: A Multicenter, Randomized, Placebo- and Active-Controlled Trial Comparing Once-Weekly Dosed Lonapegsomatropin to Placebo and Daily Somatropin in Adults with Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD)


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