ASKO × NORM Collaborate to Construct Nordic Luxury Life: A Scandinavian Moment at EuroCucina ~ Prodigy Press Wire

ASKO × NORM Collaborate to Construct Nordic Luxury Life: A Scandinavian Moment at EuroCucina ~ Prodigy Press Wire



Nature has always been an eternal topic throughout the history of humankind. The harmony in nature and life is also a design about beauty and love. As an essential part of life, the kitchen also extends the conversation with nature, and different brands also have their unique styles of interpreting kitchen, nature, and love. From 7th June to 12th, with a shared ambition to create a meaningful and comfortable framework around a good life, ASKO and Norm Architects, two leading Scandinavian brands, came together to create a stimulating setting for this year’s Salone del Mobile EuroCucina in Milan, and made a perfect collaboration about interpreting nature.

The first sight of the setting is the long communal table located in the middle, which caught countless attention during presentation days. With one table in minimalism design, it explained the meaning of home: bustling guests who were gathered for the identification of ASKO’s design mood, listened to the introduction from Michelin chefs and designers. Like the topic “Scandinavian Moment,” the setting captured the moment with the nature-centered collaboration of ASKO and NORM.

The Collabration of ASKO and NORM Presented the Beauty of Scandinavian Life

Gather Experts into the Kitchen, Perform Delicacy with ASKO

ASKO gathered numbers of Michelin star chefs and collaborated with wine stewards worldwide during the exhibition. With delicate wine and food as a medium, ASKO intends to explore the infinite possibility of the top kitchen equipped with excellent skills, to perform the perfect fusion of the ASKO Scandinavian design and top-of-the-line cuisine.

Exquisite Cuisine from ASKO Chefs, Sustained Feature from ASKO Dishwashers

ASKO master chef Tim Delissen and nutrition chef and cooking writer Anastassia Khozissova adopted cooking skills from nature spirits of Scandinavia, explored the potential of future cuisine, and delivered the ASKO philosophy to the guest.

ASKO dishwasher also showed its great…


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