Assist Marketing Launches Case Studies to Address Nationwide Events and Marketing ~ Prodigy Press Wire

Assist Marketing Launches Case Studies to Address Nationwide Events and Marketing ~ Prodigy Press Wire


Assist Marketing, the nation’s leading event staff provider, has released case studies of previous events conducted by the Assist Marketing staff on the company’s official website. The case studies include events for partners that range from promising start-ups to multinational Fortune 100 companies. The most recent case studies included in this extensive collection are for PlayStation, Visa, Geico, Nissan, and DirectTV NOW.

Assist Marketing is a Chicago-based, major events staffing agency
Assist Marketing

Every case study shared by Assist Marketing includes highlights from the event, a short description of the services provided by the Assist Marketing staff for the event, the scope of the services provided by the staff, and some inspirational pictures from the events.

A closer look at all the case studies reveals the wide variety of partners Assist Marketing has managed to accommodate by providing exceptional event staffing services. Many of the partners have maintained long-term working relationships to continue enjoying the benefits of hiring well-trained employees who are dependable and familiar with the specific brand’s requirements, brand ideology, and event handling.

The case studies also highlight the different types of events that the staff can assist with like the company’s press conferences, expos, retail activations, and opening and closing ceremonies. Apart from these routine promotional activities, the case study for different companies reveals how the staff customized the event activities emphasizing the brand’s image. For example, the case study for VISA reveals the unique Visa Virtual Fitting Room held by Assist staff.

The company’s vice president, DJ Koeller, revealed why so many businesses choose to collaborate with Assist Marketing for their events by saying: “Many small businesses continue to struggle to find skilled employees. Even huge multinational organizations sometimes struggle with this issue when they need extra staff members to hold events at new venues that require long travel and…

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