At Home Ketamine Therapy Platform: What is it?

At Home Ketamine Therapy Platform: What is it?


Psychedelics Mental Wellness Telehealth Company Nue Life Health PBC offers now New carea personalized one six-month follow-up program to address root causes of mental illnesses with one-to-one talks, follow-up checks, health coaching, integration support and dietary supplements to reduce dependency on long-term drug therapy.

Nue Life aims to strengthen and improve mental well-being by enhancing brain function, performance and longevity. The company currently offers telemedicine services, including ketamine therapy, virtual integration groups, and one-to-one health coaching in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Tennessee, Washington, New York and Texas, and plans to expand to 15 more states up to end of 2022.

His new program aims to help patients Take advantage of the mental “reset” — also known as increased neuroplasticity — and data insights gained from ketamine-assisted therapy to achieve long-term lifestyle changes without the need for additional ketamine sessions.

The Nue Care platform will include exclusive content, biometric integration and access to the Nue Score progress tracking, a personalized daily wellness scoring system designed to help members set health and lifestyle goals while providing feedback, motivation, and education.

The firms Co-founder and COO Demian Bellumio further stated, “Nue Score represents an incredible opportunity algorithmically quantify a person’s holistic health, which is absolutely necessary when trying to develop a personalized mental health program which combines fast-acting psychedelic treatments with other treatment modalities such as integration and health coaching that require a longer time horizon to experience their benefits.”

The introductory phase is available to patients who have completed the Company’s ketamine therapy programs and is expected to become generally available in the coming months.

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