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At that time the Lord of the Rings had a final fantasy game Ripoff

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This actually happens in the game, and it’s both awesome and stupid.
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this Lord of the Rings The advent of movies can be said to be the peak period for matching video games and movies.The series from From traditional hack and slash action games to strategy games, But one of the strangest and most interesting is the 2004 Third Age. part Final fantasy Knockout, Part of the film retelling, It asked a strange question: how do you tell a story Ring Fellowship, No fellowship is actually there?

The answer is: you create your own scholarship using the archived serial number.

Although there is Can’t find the hobbit exist Third AgeFollowers, whose various parties are basically in the shadow of fellowship Lord of the Rings From the beginning, with an almost ridiculous intimacy. There are two Gondor, a knight named Bereso and a ranger named Elekost, two Rohirs, a guard (Éoaden) of Hiodon, a villager (Morwen), and an elf. (Idrial) and a dwarf (Hadhod).At the opening, Bereso was ambushed on his way to Rivendell to accompany Bomir’s team to the Elrond Council Ring Fellowship. From there, it’s a 30-hour reimagining Lord of the Rings A movie with an RPG mechanism can only be described euphemistically as a movie stolen from the back of a truck marked “Kids like that” Final Fantasy X, right? “

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it is funny In the whole incident, how close is it to a normal scholarship—you can obviously be a thing by gathering some people randomly, instead of some kind of formal title like Elrond awarded Frodo and his entourage— It is true Third AgeUnder the guidance of Gandalf’s psychic communication-in the form of an unlockable editing reel in the film and the new narration of Sir Ian McLean (Why didn’t he think of doing this with Frodo after the expedition separated? His death and rebirth did not prevent him from chatting with Bereso!)-Bereso and his friends ran to Moria from the forest around Rivendell. Then from there to the villages of Rohan and Helm’s Deep, and finally Osgiliath, Minas Tirith, and even the top of Barad-dûr, taking turns to poke Sauron’s huge eyeballs to end the game.

Except for rare moments, the party is actually next to the main batch number Roles—helping Gandalf against the Balrogs of Moria and the Witch King of Minas Tirith, or helping Aragorn, Legolas, and Kinley to defend the pit of the helmet—they are clearly in the shadow of the main expedition In, just off the screen or just behind them for a moment.At a certain point in Moria is Your At the party, you can see the dwarf skeleton Pippin falling from the ceiling and landing in front of you.On the other hand, when you raise the level of Minas Tirith to help Gandalf during the siege, you really reach the top. As Denethor screamed and ran past you in the flames, turning his death into something that absolutely required the Benny Hill theme to be played in the background:

But for all the absurdity that is completely uncommented batch number The gameplay is very close to the characters and events in the movie (but with the original protagonist), this is the moment of the story Third Age Obviously away from the premise of the movie, that is, it may be the strangest. In the early days of Gandalf and Bereso’s film reel bulletin, you learned that the wizard has unearthed some greatness that Bereso doesn’t remember at all (probably “we will let you poke Sauron’s eyes with a stick in 40 hours And Frodo does the actual work”).In fact, Bereso can’t remember too much anything At the beginning of the game, among other things, a) he gave up the battle of Osgiliath between the Gondorian army under the command of Boromir and Faramir and the orcs of Sauron, and b) he planned to catch up with Boromir’s team in the Council of Elrond.However, throughout the early days Third Age, Bereso was haunted by these visions—both the warning he imported from Gandalf, and the darker threat from Saruman (a returning Christopher Lee).

It turns out that Bereso is clearly the most abused human in Middle-earth.Before the game incident, he was viciously fascinated by Saruman, who believed that Boromir would Surrender to the power of the Lord of the Rings and seize it for Gondor (or seize it from Frodo) in the Council of Elrond.with Beriso as Saruman’s The unsuspecting accomplice at the meeting, he Will wake up as a candidate for Gondor and seize the ring for Saruman. But he didn’t! Bereso is good, because…the reason. Is it because he is standing next to Aragorn deep in the helmet? It’s not clear yet. But this is not all! What he pulled out can only be described as “Reverse Aragore”. First of all, there is a completely lifeless romantic plot. At the beginning of the game, after Bereso saved him, the first Bereso fell in love with Idriel, just to let her go. “Wait, we are introducing you A Rohan woman, let you really end. In addition, in the second battle of Osgilius, it was revealed that the reason for Beriso’s first escape was because he was killed by the Witch King’s demon like Frodo. Gul’s Blade was stabbed. Not like However, Frodo, this did not slowly poison Bereso and turn him into a ghost, it just…until he had to pry the tip of the Mogul Blade from his chest during the battle so that he Before it could cause harm to the ring spirit, it did nothing.

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This is… a banana.This ridiculous middle-earth fan novel has been imitated perfunctorily Final Fantasy X This was one of the most popular host role-playing games at the time.It makes relive Third Age It’s like playing a very beautiful turn-based fantasy RPG between the moments when Ian McKellen dumped the lore. Lord of the Rings Give you.However, its unexpected comicality has a charm, and there are few others. batch number The game has been captured. There are better games to play—— Shadow of Mordor/Shadow of war Double learning, for example——But no one grasps the core themes like movies and JRR Tolkien’s novels. Everything is there, in its own weird way: the idea of ​​persevering in the dark, the most unlikely of us can step forward and become heroes, and destiny can be challenged and controlled in our own hands. In the process, it happened to throw a middle-earth-shaped kitchen sink at you.

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