Athlete Dara Akpan is keen to make a name for himself as…

Athlete Dara Akpan is keen to make a name for himself as…


Dara Akpan features a young and enterprising character that has garnered praise from fans. The young top performer should make a name for himself not only in the world of basketball, but also in the field of music. He says he’s more than ready to take on the world.

athlete Dara Akpan is eager to make waves in the industry as an aspiring basketball player who is ready to take on any challenge.

“I’ve always loved sports. As a athlete, I believe that sport plays a crucial role in learning valuable life lessons such as fairness, discipline, respect and team building. Those are things I want to learn from the current ball industry,” said athlete Dara Akpan.

But while he’s making his name in basketball, Dara has already begun to carve out his own image in the industry as a rapper yvngxdaa.

The Richmond, Texas native is set to release his new album Opp Skelly, which is set to hit music streaming platforms in August.

“Opp Skelly” serves as his comeback album with the release of his latest single “Twin Glocky”. It features a collection of freestyle songs inspired by the incredible music artist Kankan, a young artist and producer from Dallas, Texas who became a member of Slayworld in 2019. This music personality has received production credits for a variety of artists – from Summrs to Little Pimp.

“Opp Skelly is a game changer for yvngxdaa and the rest of the current albums that are out there. It is very different from the other albums of the same genre that are available in the market because it adds a unique flavor and other flavors that fans crave,” explains Dara.

Rapper Yvngxdaa said he’s always liked music since he was a kid. He wanted to follow the music and redefine the standards while pushing for a new wave of Gen Z sound.

“I’ve been working on Opp Skelly for quite some time now. This would be an amazing surprise for many of my followers as it offers them something new. It…

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