Atlanta Considers Decriminalizing Magic Mushrooms And…

Atlanta Considers Decriminalizing Magic Mushrooms And…


The growing demand for better treatments for mental illness often brings the discussion to the public.

With San Francisco’s final call for the decriminalization of psychedelics It’s last week now It’s Atlanta’s turn. On September 12th, the City Council Public Safety and Legal Administration Committee held a hearing to go through a resolution lately Submitted by City Council Member Liliana Bakhtiari aiming to follow the footsteps of San Francisco.

The discussion also seems to be geared towards this what is happening at the national levelhow Georgia’s House Defense and Veterans Affairs Committee recently heard testimonials from veterans about the use of Psilocybin to treat PTSD. The state is considering funding scientific research to better understand the substance’s potential.

The new law would advise police to back off from enforcing laws against people carrying psychedelic mushrooms, or in other words, from doing so No city funds would be used to investigate reports of individuals involved in the personal use, growth, or possession of entheogenic plants, fungi, spores, or plant parts.

That is what the bill provides Entheogenic substances promote “mental and physical well-being” and “support and enhance religious and spiritual practices”. while making the important distinction similar to other current bills decriminalizing psychedelics Separation of commercial sales and medical use. The prior would not be allowed under the new law.

At the hearing, supporters of the bill said that was the case Part of a national movement to normalize the use of magic mushrooms and other plants to treat mental illness. One of them gave her personal testimony about the therapeutic use of these substances to treat anxiety and depression.

Committee members have not yet decided to move forward with the measure, but they did vote unanimously to withhold it for further consideration and finally discuss it further in a future working session.

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