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Australian plague: “I heard it on the walls and on the roof”

They run around and darts-seem to be everywhere. Australia has hardly recovered from fires, droughts and floods, and has experienced the worst plague in decades. New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria have been particularly affected. Here, rodents broke into the supermarket and caused a blackout.

Norman Moeris of Bauer: “They destroyed cables, motorcycles, vehicles, pipes, tractors. After a short circuit, some smoked up. They destroyed household appliances, washing machines, dishwashers, laundry, groceries.

Morris said that these mice have never been spread over such a wide area. The rodent destroyed the crops of thousands of farmers like him. Heavy rains in recent months have resulted in a bumper harvest, freeing Australia from years of drought. But because of the abundance of food, millions of rodents can reproduce faster.

Farmer Doug O’Connor: “I haven’t watched it for a long time. I’m busy planting seeds on the tractor. So I lost this thing. But they have been here and there is no chance of escape. Therefore, I More bait must be put out. I have never had a hay harvest so badly damaged.”

Rats destroyed O’Connor’s hay, and he usually feeds 800 Merino sheep with this feed. The farmer wants to reserve part of the hay for the coming drought. Now, O’Connor must burn it-rats eat it and use it as a nest. Rodents also make wheat, barley and rapeseed unusable. During the day, millions of rodents hide in hiding, and they usually become active at night-farmers no longer close their eyes.

Farmer Kodi Brady: “I can’t sleep because I become paranoid. I hear them on the walls and roof. My social and emotional health is over and I can. I feel very tired today. “

Kodi Brady sealed his house with rubber and no longer opened the windows. Every night, he caught hundreds of mice in the bucket. In the morning, it took him at least an hour to remove the body. The smell of rotting rodents is even worse than the smell of mouse urine. Carcasses and feces also contaminate drinking water.

In addition to free bait, the affected farmers have not received any help from the state.Now they are asking for government approval, including poison »Brompropion« can be used. This is currently prohibited in Australia because it may also kill domestic animals and other native species. On the other hand, farmer Moeris relies on the rodents themselves:

Farmer Norman Moeris: “If you leave them long enough, they will simply eat each other. You choose the weakest and gradually realize the strongest.”

If the plague cannot be controlled, the Minister of Agriculture Adam Marshall (Adam Marshall) is worried that parts of New South Wales will suffer economic and social crises. It is estimated that in this Australian winter, rats may destroy crops worth up to 634 million euros. The reason is a race against time: There are as many as 500 offspring in just one pair of mice.

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