Awards in Kazakhstan, Romania Celebrate Gjekë Marinaj’s literary…

Awards in Kazakhstan, Romania Celebrate Gjekë Marinaj’s literary…


DALLAS, TX, Aug. 7, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — As part of an ongoing mission of cultural diplomacy through literature, Dr. Gjekë Marinaj, PhD, awarded two major prizes in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. In May 2022, Marinaj, an Albanian-American poet, writer, translator, and literary critic from the Dallas area, accepted the awards in person while attending literary and cultural events in the republics of Kazakhstan and Romania.

Kazakhstan: Prize recognizes Marinaj’s contribution to modern world literature

In the city of Turkestan, Kazakhstan, the city’s Mayor’s Advisor, Ansar Abdikulov, presented Marinaj with an award recognizing his writing and the extent of his contribution to world literary culture. The award ceremony took place during an event in the auditorium of the regional museum “Uly Dala Ely”.

Zhibek Iskakova, Editor-in-Chief of Wonderful Kazakhstan-2050 magazine remarked: “Gjekë Marinai is the poet the world is waiting for. I believe that his contribution to modern world literature does not receive equal respect. …He is indeed a poet who has conquered the world with his creativity.”

Accepting the award, Marinaj said: “This event and this award are once again proof that true literature has the magical power to transport us from one continent to another, from one country to another, from one culture to another, from one… Continent to bring love for humanity to another. This honor has a deep meaning for me because it comes from Kazakhstan, a country where it seems as if literary words release more oxygen into the air than all the leaves on the trees. And it is a pleasure to share a cup of fresh air and a glass of cool poetry with you tonight, in homage to our shared love of literature and to all the people of the world who may benefit from it.”

Romania: Paul Iorgovici Memorial Prize

Marinaj’s Romanian Prize, named after the Romanian writer Paul Iorgovici (1764-1808), was…


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