AzerDAO – The World’s First DAO-driven Integrated Investment and Management Eco-Platform ~ Prodigy Press Wire

AzerDAO – The World’s First DAO-driven Integrated Investment and Management Eco-Platform ~ Prodigy Press Wire



In 2021, total global crypto industry funding set a new record, running to $34 billion sharply, which increased nearly eight times more than the previous years. According to Pitchbook research data, The same number gets to totaling $10 billion just in the first quarter of 2022, more than twice as much as the same period last year, even though the global economic downturn. Clearly, some of the large traditional capitals like Sequoia Capital, Ark Invest, and Bridgewater Fund are investing in the crypto industry besides those familiar capitals for example A16Z and Multcoin, etc.

However, there are some challenges and contradictions in the booming crypto financing industry mainly, as shown below:

1. The market lack a full life-cycle platform. It needs a platform, that focuses on financing services and connects co-builders for deep collaboration and sharing honor & prosperity efficiently.

2. Ordinary investors in the crypto industry need a platform that is truly beneficial to them, cause they really desire a fairer and easier way to participate in the “Wealth Creation Campaign”.

3. The needs of project parties are diverse changing and their want be satisfied quickly whatever is in the areas of project financing, brand operation, media promotion, etc.

4. Newly emerging VC institutions, VC DAOs are difficult to intervene in the investment of top projects, and cannot be driven and empowered by DAO.

Redefining the Standard of Financing Market Management and Services

About AzerDAO

AzerDAO has been in existence for two years, it was initiated by several crypto industry entrepreneurs, investment research experts, and KOLs, team members have operated projects on BSC chain projects with a market capitalization of over $6 billion.

AzerDAO is committed to building the world’s first DAO-driven integrated ecological platform for crypto industry investment and management. Through Web2 service system + Web3 equity decision mechanism and DAO incentive system, it integrates…


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