Bach Hip Hop Beats: These Google Easter Eggs Will Amaze You

Bach Hip Hop Beats: These Google Easter Eggs Will Amaze You


Looking for fun and unexpected surprises from Google? Check out these five easter eggs This will take you on a wild ride full of excitement and wonder.

What happened: Popular Tech YouTuber, Arun Mainibetter known as MrWhoseTheBosswho has 14.6 million followers on his official channel, shared five Google Easter Eggs that may be a bit old, but that doesn’t mean they’ve lost their luster.

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Here are MrWhoseTheBoss recommended five Easter Eggs to keep you entertained:

1) Easter Egg I: DJ Turntable

To mark the 44th anniversary of the “Birth of Hip Hop” in 2017, Google released a fun surprise in the form of the “DJ Turntables” Easter egg. This allowed users to mix and match samples from iconic hip-hop tracks.

2) Easter Egg II: Dr. Who Games

In 2013, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who, Google brought this Doodle to market by bringing science fiction, technology and fun together. Users can play this multi-level game with a simple premise: Daleks have stolen Google letters and Dr. Who (meaning you) must bring her back.

3) Easter Egg III: AI-powered doodle

Celebrate Johann Sebastian Bach In 2019, Google launched its first AI-powered Doodle. This unique feature allows users to input their own melodies, which AI technology harmonizes with Bach’s distinctive musical style.

4) Easter Egg IV: PacMan

Users just need to type the word “PacMan” into the search window and they can start playing the Google version of the classic game right away.

5) Easter Egg V: Champion Island Games

The most recent game on this list, doodle Champion Island Games, was released in 2021. This world is full of seven sports mini-games that our (C)sportsman Lucky is exploring.

Check out the above Easter Eggs in action here:

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