Ball Corporation Forms Alliance With Boomerang Water To…

Ball Corporation Forms Alliance With Boomerang Water To…


The innovative new from Boomerang Water Technology, coupled with Ball’s refillable aluminum bottles, meet the growing demand for sustainable beverage packaging in venues such as resorts, cruise lines and universities

WESTMINSTER, Col., September 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today Ball Corporation BALLa global leader in infinitely recyclable aluminum beverage packaging, and boomerang water LLC, a leader in sustainable water bottling technology, announced an alliance to offer consumers a sustainable way to stay hydrated. For resorts, cruise lines, campuses and elsewhere, Ball will provide its aluminum bottles for the Boomerang Bottling System, a state-of-the-art technology that offers the convenience of bottled water in sustainable packaging while limiting environmental impact. Boomerang’s bottling system washes, rinses, filters, fills and caps fresh water in refillable, returnable and recyclable ball aluminum bottles, eliminating the waste and carbon emissions associated with the manufacture and transportation of traditional single-use bottles.

Boomerang delivers industry-leading innovation with its bottling system capable of washing, filling and capping more than 3,000 bottles of fresh, high-quality water per eight-hour shift. The whole idea and concept is the reusability and circularity of the aluminum bottles paired with a boomerang system”, said co-founder of Boomerang Water Jason Dibble. “Ball’s aluminum bottles are the perfect complement to our Boomerang bottling system as they can be used over and over again and are easily recycled at the end of their life.”

Aluminum offers tremendous opportunity for packaging innovation, and Ball is a leader in harnessing the material’s value to drive sustainability for its customers. Aluminum cans, bottles and cups – which are infinitely recyclable and economically valuable – enable the circular economy because they can be refilled, reused and recycled without loss. Through its alliance with Boomerang Water, Ball…


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